Friday, June 11, 2010

Black Hole Offensive to Blacks: Blacks Hear Black Whores: Hoops YoYo Pulled

A Hallmark graduation card telling kids they can do anything, accomplish anything, go anywhere in the universe, and...graduates are not afraid of "black holes,"has been officially pulled off store shelves, thanks to the NAACP. Hoops and Yo-Yo warn "black holes," you know the kind in the universe, to beware because these graduates are coming to discover exactly what they are? To the embarrassment of the black population, some hear it as "black whores." Hear Hoops and YoYo in the video below.

Hoops and YoYo Hallmark Graduation Card - Black Holes

The Hallmark graduation card has been on store shelves for three years. The micro-speaker opens with "Hey world, we are officially putting you on notice."

Members of the Los Angeles NAACP did take notice. As characters known as "Hoops" and "Yoyo" banter on, African American leaders hear offensive language.
"And you black holes, you are so ominous. Watch your back," the card vocalizes.
Even more encouragement:
Watch out, Saturn, this grad is gonna run rings around you!'"
Obviously the very popular Hoops and YoYo were referring to ominous black whores. There can be no mistake about it. LOL!
"That was very demeaning to African American women. When it made reference to African American women as whores and at the end, it says ’watch your back,’" said Leon Jenkins of the Los Angeles NAACP.
Hallmark says the theme of the card is the solar system:

...and emphasizes the power of the grad to take over the universe, even energy-absorbing black holes.
The card company says the card speaks about the power the grad will wield.
"The intent here is to say that this graduate is not afraid of anything," explained Hallmark spokesman Steve Doyal.
Here's how the Los Angeles NAACP spins it:

"You hear the ’r’ in there. ’Whores,’ not, ’holes.’ The ’r’ is in there," said Minnie Hatley of the Los Angeles NAACP.
"It sounds like a group of children laughing and joking about blackness, again," said another NAACP member.
Hollywood Grind offers one reason for this monumental screw-up by the NAACP:
There is such a thing as the black English dictionary that gives alternate pronunciations of English words that only some blacks use, so it is understandable that some blacks can’t hear the proper pronunciation of words like hole, and mistake it for whore, but that doesn’t mean the cards should be removed from store shelves. 
Blacks that can’t hear correctly spoken English words as they are meant to be spoken should simply not buy the card, but instead they had to make an issue out of nothing.
I don't get the part about blacks hearing a 'r' that isn't there, just because they speak 'black English." Is their hearing impaired? The NAACP is about as despicable as the United Nations these days.

This is as embarrassing as Prince Charles, the Defender-of-the-Faith-to-be, proclaiming the 'spiritual principles of Islam. I give two thumbs up to Hoops and YoYo and Hallmark for understanding the worth and value of our graduates. Too bad Hallmark is pulling the card. My guess is it has nothing to do with offending anyone, and everything to do with an ACLU lawsuit. Cretins!

Hoops and YoYo Put Black Holes on Notice: Blacks Hear Black Whores (video)

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