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Prince Charles Follows Islamic Spiritual Principles

If this isn't the most appalling bit of news to come out of the U.K., I don't know what could top it. The future King of England, Prince Charles believes the world should follow Islamic 'spiritual principles." By doing so, the environment will be protected. No surprise Queen Elizabeth is keeping her throne, perhaps gauging Prince William's ability to succeed her.

Prince Charles - Prince of Wales - Prince of Islam

I cut Charles a little slack because the only job the poor man is trusted with, besides  hunting quail, is promoting the dire mess our environment is in, even though it is all a big lie, courtesy of Britain East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit. It was this distinguished institute that lied, manipulated and hid "the decline" in actual temperatures.

As to Islam's theory and practice of protecting the environment, it is mostly theory. Obviously, water is revered in the many desert environments of many Islamic countries. Charles can spin it, but really, it's a matter of having water available, or not having water available, rather than anything to do with Islamic Spiritual principles.
While Islam as a religion has a deep sense of respect and consideration for the natural environment (Izzi Dien, 1990), the current status quo in Muslim countries is not noticeably different to that in the rest of the world. 
In a speech some years ago:
the Prince of Wales referred to the Islamic "sense of the sacred" as having an important role in the rediscovery of our human responsibilities of which the environment is but one. The Quranic verse "whithersoever you turn, there is the face of God" was apparently understood by the Prince as a manifestation of a "profound sense of the sacred and the spiritual". 
Do those following the tenants of Islam and beheading their wives and daughters, see the face of God as they look down on the separated body parts of those they vowed to protect, or as they clean their bloody swords?

In 2007, England was still considering Charles as an expected King. This very confused country across the pond, can't decide whether a King Charles would be, as has always been the custom, The Defender of The Faith, or The Defender of Faiths.

A TimesOnLine blog asks:
Should the cross on top the crown be accompanied by a crescent and star, hastily welded on? And if it is Charles making the vows, should he not pray his own prayers?
The progression of Islam in the U.K. is a huge problem. When his Mother is beheaded and him right behind her, I doubt Charles will have Islam's 'spiritual principles' on his mind.

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