Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Christie Budget Passed by Democrat Congress

New Governor Chris Christie's (R-NJ) budget, cutting "hundreds of millions of dollars" has been passed by the Democrat Congress.

Chris Christie

New Jersey was facing an $11 billion deficit:
The budget, approved by the Assembly early Tuesday morning and by the Senate hours earlier, is close to the one Gov. Chris Christie introduced in March amid some blunt talk about the state’s bleak finances. He said New Jersey was facing an $11 billion deficit and needed to cure its addiction to spending.
Democrats got just $74 million in programs and services restored to the budget out of roughly $400 million sought. They insisted that Republicans sponsor the budget bills, so the GOP would own the bare-bones budget.
Christie was scheduled to sign his first budget Tuesday afternoon. The fiscal year starts Thursday.
In the Senate, Democrats supplied the four votes needed for the budget to pass. All 17 Republicans supported the budget, and it was approved 21-19.
Family-planning is big with Democrats in New Jersey. Most of us plan our families without the help of the state, but:
One of the most unpopular budget cuts among Democrats wes the elimination of $7.5 million in state funding to 58 family planning centers. 
In the end, Dems got their $7.5 million. They did not get their one-year surcharge on millionaires.

The tough lesson is, most of us have to pay for our irresponsible spending eventually.

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