Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Admin Actively Working with Hamas: Musa Abu Marzook the Hamas-Obama Connection?

News is out that the Obama administrative is actively working with Hamas, and specifically with exiled Hamas official in Damascus. That person is likely Musa Abu Marzook. Marzook was a darling of Jeremiah Wright during the time the Obama family attended Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. In fact, Wright reprinted a Marzook manifesto in one of his Sunday bulletins. Marzook, also known as Mousa Abu Marzook (Marzouk, Marzouq, Marzuq) is a founder of the precursor to CAIR, and the Deputy Chief of Hamas' political bureau which is based in Damascus. He was directly involved with The Holy Land Foundation which provided funding for Hamas with the help of the U.S. Treasury.  Marzook is American educated and had permanent residency status here. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Musa Abu Marzook

Knowing that the U.S. is perhaps now working with Hamas, brings another possible revelation: as you know, many of us have been advocating for the Department of Homeland Security to grant Palestinian Mosab Yousef political asylum, rather than deporting him. His deportation hearing is tomorrow (June 30th) in a San Diego court. The question has been, why would DHS even think of deporting this young man, especially when his own people (Hamas) have called for his death, and knowing that Yousef saved many lives in Israel, including the life of Shimon Perez. The answer is likely due to the cozy nature of the Hamas-Obama Administration relationship.

From Reaganite Republican:
It surely doesn't help they've been secretly meeting with Hamas leadership for months, either- could this morally-warped and strategically-incompetent administration be offering-up the life of Mosab Yousef in their greasy, Chicago-style wheeling and dealing?
Yousef, in some of his writings, made the point that DHS is "embarrassed" at his presence in the U.S. because he, the son of a Hamas founder, applied for and received a visa to come to the U.S. Something we might think DHS would not allow without knowing about it and sanctioning it. Until he went to the DHS office, they didn't know he was in the country. This is what Mosab believes is behind his immigration hearing.

It must go much deeper than that. Administration officials have tried to silence Hamas, but if you are familiar with Islamic braggadocio, you know that dog won't hunt. TheBlogProf has the details of the YNet report on the Administration connection to terrorism, along with the quotes. Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints [where I first read of the Hamas-Obama co-habitation] has the story about the possible impact on Mosab Yousef, and a report on the help of our legislators to help Mosab Yousef stay in the U.S.  Actually Bob points out the first place he saw the story of the connection was at Reaganite Republican. Same for me, but I must admit I completely missed the story, which I choose as the outrage of the last 18 months.

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