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Joran van der Sloot Stephany Flores Ramirez: Joran Suspect in Murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez

Joran van der Sloot, an Aruban man considered a suspect in the disappearance and murder of Natalee Holloway has been named the prime suspect in the murder of a Peruvian woman, Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez. More details here as they become available. See a video below. See ongoing updates - a one-stop documentation of Joran van der Sloot.

12:15 EDT June 2nd: There are reports tonight that Joran has been found dead near the Peru border. There is no confirming information. It may be true. It may be a hoax. Read what I know here.

6-3-10: Joran van der Sloot was arrested today in Chile. Read the report here.

6-8-10: Joran van der Sloot confesses in Peru to the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez. Read that story here.

Joran van der Sloot

Ms. Ramiraz, 21, was found dead in a hotel room at the Tac hotel in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. She was found wrapped in a blanket, lying in a pool of blood, brutally stabbed. Hotel employees said they saw Joran van der Sloot, 22, with Stephany over the weekend, and her friends said they left her in a Lima casino at about 2:45 a.m. At 5:16 a.m. she was seen leaving the casino with Van der Sloot. Her car was found at another location in the city. Her father is race car driver Ricardo Flores.

Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez

Natalee Holloway was also seen on videotape leaving a casino with Van der Sloot on May 30th - exactly 5 years to the day of Natalee's death. Van der Sloot was arrested by Aruban police numerous times in Natalee's murder, but her body has not been found. He was eventually released.

Van der Sloot arrived in Peru from Argentina on May 13, according to this report. Fox News just reported that Joran left Peru by car, heading for Chile and is believed to be going on to Argentina.

The following video is believed to be Stephany's father, Ricardo Flores. The video is in Spanish. Hopefully, it will be translated shortly.

Ricardo Flores - Stephany's Father (video)

Update 6-2-10 - 11:30 EDT:
Heard Greta van Susteren say that the hotel room at Hotel Tac was registered to Joren van der Sloot. She also said she spoke with Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalee's mother, who was extremely distraught that Joren had the opportunity to take the life of another young woman.

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