Monday, July 26, 2010

Al Gore Portland Police Meet in San Francisco: Al Gore Questioned by Portland Police

Al Gore has been questioned by Portland, Oregon police about the Sex Poodle's reported sexual assault of hotel masseuse, Molly Hagerty. The report comes from The Enquirer who first broke the story, and their title says Gore was "grilled." Update: August 1, 2010: Whatever acts of sexual harassment Al Gore committed, they are not "appropriate for criminal prosecution," according to ABC News. See more below.

Al Gore

Apparently, the Portland police traveled to San Francisco to "interview," Gore. I assume "interview" means "question" the former Vice President who now has masseuses coming out of the woodwork around the country with their own stories of aggressive and lewd behavior.
"Al Gore has finally been interviewed face to face by detectives in the Molly Hagerty case," a close source told The ENQUIRER. "Details of what was disclosed in the police interview by Gore --and exactly how long the meeting lasted -- remain secret at this time."
Portland police reopened the case involving Hagerty after The ENQUIRER reported that Gore had been named in a hushed-up police report. Hagerty, a licensed massage therapist, claims the former VP fondled her in a luxury hotel room in Portland in October 2006. In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, she's called him "a pervert." 
Update August 1, 2010:
More from ABC News:

 Rees noted that Hagerty sold her story to the National Enquirer, failed a polygraph test, thanked the hotel management two days after the alleged incident for sending business her way and "has not provided as repeatedly requested medical records she claims are related to the case."
Rees concludes, "This case is not appropriate for criminal prosecution. The matter is closed and the investigative materials will be returned to PPB [the Portland Police Bureau]."

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