Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Mexican Women "BMWs" Help Afghan Military Escape from Lackland AFB

Big Mexican Women, known as BMW's, are credited with helping Afghan military escape from Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. The men are listed as AWOL, all 46 of them, but American intelligence and Air Force weren't concerned. In fact the early reports were of 17 missing, and many had been gone for months.

Missing Afghan Military from the U.S.

This "loose network" of Mexican women, some who may be American citizens and some who may be illegal "schooled" some of the 46 missing in how to escape to Canada and how to move around the U.S. undetected:
The Afghan military men usually meet the women at three nightclubs in San Antonio, according to the DLI source, who accompanied some of the men to these locations and has been privy to discussions among them about the establishments and the women. The nightclubs include two military hangouts — Tiffany’s Cocktails and Mirage, located outside Lackland's main gate — and Graham Central Station, a massive warehouse-like building in downtown San Antonio that houses "six nightclubs under one roof" that host a variety of theme nights...
In the past eight years, no fewer than 46 members of the Afghan military have gone absent without leave from DLI.  As most Afghans on the base do not have cars, many of them depended on the women to pick them up at Lackland's back gate in the middle of the night and help them vanish.
Many of the men decided to go AWOL just hours before they were scheduled to fly home to Afghanistan, multiple sources told FoxNews.com. 
While we can hardly blame Afghans wanting to stay in the West. We can blame Homeland Security and the Air Force for their apathetic attitude.
Another student, Bahram Mohmand, described by friends as the most unlikely of the 46 to go AWOL, decided at the very last minute not to go home. A pilot with two wives and more than a dozen children, he failed his final exam and felt too humiliated to face his family, the sources said. He vanished in March, and the sources said he could not have gotten away from Lackland without help.
“It must have been a BMW, because he had no money," a source said. "He was not planning this. He made a stupid, stupid decision because he was afraid to go home a failure. He could not do this without help.”
The women are believed to have been responsible for picking up numerous other Afghans — including the most recent deserter, Mirza Gul Neshat, who disappeared on July 1 — and for chauffeuring them on at least the first leg of their journey. In some instances, the women were the Afghans' girlfriends; some of the men moved in with women off base just months before they went AWOL. Sources named one of the deserters, Javed Aryan, as being among the men who had a local girlfriend. According to officials at Lackland, Aryan disappeared in January 2010, though documents obtained by FoxNews.com indicate that he left DLI in October 2009. 
At least one Big Mexican Woman is in custody for helping Javed Aryan. Sources involved say the men at Lackland - pilots learning to speak English "want a better life...," and so they go.

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