Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nevada ACORN: Nevada Takes ACORN to Court for Voter Fraud

Nevada's Democrat Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto, will see ACORN in court on November 29th. The somewhat defunct, but not entirely defunct ACORN is charged with voter registration fraud and allegedly giving ACORN employees quotas for the numbers of voters to sign-up.

Catherine Cortez Masto

ACORN Las Vegas Field Director, Christopher Edwards is charged with election fraud. He has pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy for compensating others for the registration of voters, and has cut a deal with the state. Edwards will reportedly testify against former ACORN Regional Director, Amy Busefink, and ACORN, which is a co-defendant in the case.
The Las Vegas Sun reported that Edwards acknowledged he conspired with Busefink and ACORN to create the "Blackjack" incentive program that gave canvassers an extra $5 for submitting 21 or more registration cards each day. The daily quota was allegedly 20 forms. 
If convicted, ACORN stands to lose their nonprofit corporation status revoked.
Such a conviction would send shock waves through leftist organizing circles across the nation and might embolden more prosecutors to take on ACORN. Until it was charged by Nevada this year, ACORN had boasted about its ability to duck prosecution for election fraud.
After an amazing collection of videos revealed ACORN's most intimate dirty linen, Congress defunded the group, and they supposedly shut their doors, and dissolved into other similar groups around the country. ACORN and its election fraud subsidiary Project Vote, which used to employ President Obama, registers “Mickey Mouse” and various celebrities, out-of-state residents, and dead people, every election cycle. Conrad Hafen, chief deputy state attorney general, was quoted in a news report saying neither bankruptcy nor dissolution would “necessarily protect (ACORN) from prosecution” in Nevada.

I don't know anything about Masto, but I applaude her, a Democrat, who is doing the right thing and saying "you will not come to my state and commit voter fraud on the residents of Nevada. Two thumbs up for Catherine Cortez Masto.

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