Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Julian Assange Arrest Warning from White House? Bradley Manning Held in Secret Kuwait Jail?

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks editor-in-chief, says he has been warned by sources inside the U.S. government that he may be detained or arrested if he returns to the U.S.  The Drudge Report headline saying the source is from the White House is taken from a Telegraph headline - but there is nothing in the Telegraph article claiming the White House is involved. PFC Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army intelligence analyst, is under arrest for funneling the classified information to Wikileaks. Assange also says the U.S. is trying to "hide" Manning from effective civil representation in a secret Kuwait jail which is "a second Guantanamo Bay."

Julian Assange - Wikileaks

Assange says his government sources say he will be charged as a co-conspirator to espionage if he returns to the U.S. Wikileaks leaked 92,000 pages of classified military document about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with more to come. He claims he gave the information to the White House weeks before he posted the documents online, and he asked if there was anything the White House wanted redacted, but received no response. The White House basically said Assange was lying and they knew nothing about the documents.
The 39 year-old told journalists at the Frontline Club last night that US government insiders had informed him about discussions to charge him as a co-conspirator to espionage.
An Australian, Julian Assange, takes classified intelligence documents from a disgruntled member of the U.S. Military and is warned by our own government that he should not enter the U.S. I have to ask what is happening to our Military? They can't keep a PFC in line? Why did a PFC have access to classified documents, or at least the ability to retrieve them? And what is the real story? Are White House sources in touch with Assange or the State Department...what's up the Telegraph's headline?

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