Monday, August 2, 2010

RINO Alert: Republican Marty Lamb's Conversion to the GOP Last Fall

We have a RINO Alert, courtesy of Nice Deb. If you have any thoughts of voting for Republican candidate Marty Lamb for Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District, look into his background a little deeper. Nice Deb says Lamb is a TEA Party favorite, but has donated to Democrats in the past.

Lamb's opponent, Democrat incumbent James McGovern is rated a far-left Democrat according to GovTrack. This is an important race. Politics are no longer "local." Pick a state - any state. Every vote cast on Capitol Hill  affects each of us and our families.
...think about waking up on November 3rd and finding that we didn't take back enough of the House of Representatives and/or the Senate to make a significant difference. Think about two more years with an unrestrained Barack Obama, and ask yourself if we can recover from the catastrophe of his presidency.
At Nice Deb's, listen to Lamb talk about his past when he voted for a very liberal - candidate "red Ed Markey - one of the most "radical idiotic members of Congress," according to Lamb's interviewer. Lamb left the Democrat party and registered as a Republican only last Fall. Nice Deb has a suggestion for a replacement to Marty Lamb. Read it here.

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