Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lisa Murkowski Joe Miller: NRSC in Alaska for Murkowski: Joe Miller Promises a Watchful Arizona Recount

Palin-endorsed Republican Joe Miller running against sitting Senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, says the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) may be meddling in the results of the primary held Tuesday, August 25th. Votes are still being counted, and Murkowski called on the NRSC to come to her aid - which the NRSC explains is simply "dispatching" their general counsel "to guide the state through the process of counting absentee ballots." Hilariously, Alaska Party Republicans supporting Murkowski are holding on to the hope that the absentee ballots were cast BEFORE the last Tea Party gathering. Not only are Democrats fearing Tea Party candidates, establishment Republicans are trembling in their wingtips too.

Joe Miller and Sarah Palin

Before Tuesday, anyone on the outside looking in didn't think Miller had a prayer of ending up in the U.S. Senate. The Left had already written the headlines: "Palin Power Waning." It was all too delicious for the lame-stream propaganda squad, and then the almost-worst-possible-thing happened - Sarah's candidate, Joe Miller, had a small lead and...and...held it right to the end. Murkowski must win 3 of every 5 absentee votes to return to the Senate, unless she decides to run as the Libertarian Party nominee, which she is apparently considering - but likely only after a full recount.

From Swampland:
Miller criticized not just the NRSC, but also the RNC. Asked why he ran as a Republican and not an independent, he said his problem was not with the party's platform.
"But the leadership of the party has fled so far from that platform -- it's not even funny. This is an accountability issue," he said. "I am for the platform. What I see in the leadership of the RNC, what I see across this country is basically an embracing of big government, entitlement spending and basically getting as far away from the platform on every fiscal and social issue that you can -- you can believe."
Lisa Murkowski is a "moderate" Republican and any Republican (with about three exceptions) is better than none, but perhaps we have the opportunity for a more constitutional conservative. The Democrat opponent is Scott McAdams, and so far, there is no Alaskan fire burning under his campaign. So here we go into another recount, between two Republicans and once again, the NRSC is in the middle of a race between a conservative and a moderate. I'm hoping the NRSC will maintain some degree of integrity and do what they say they are doing: assuring a fair recount.

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