Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taliban Kills 6 American Civilians in Afghanistan

A British doctor and 6 Americans were lined-up, robbed and shot on Friday, August 6th. The first reports say they were doing mission work with International Assistance Mission (IAM). A total of ten are dead, including Afghans.

Nuristan, Afghanistan - American Troops

The Taliban complaint against the group is that they were teaching Christianity and spying for America. Just my opinion here, but there is an abundance of need in non-Islamic countries. I wish our good-hearted Christians would use their energy for good works in those safer, but worthy area.

Zabihullah Mujahed, a Taliban spokesman said "They were Christian missionaries and we killed them all." The British physician, Dr. Karen Woo worked in an eye clinic in the remote Nuristan province. Her convoy was attacked as the group returned to Kabul. A shepherd reportedly found the bodies with passports missing.

Two Afghans with the group escaped, one said he recited passages from the Koran. This report says the local villagers warned the group of the danger of the area they were passing through.
The director of the International Assistance Mission charity, Dirk Frans, said the group's medical team was last heard from Wednesday as the aid workers were returning to Kabul from an eye clinic in Nuristan.
Their bullet-riddled bodies were discovered Friday in Badakhshan, where the team was traveling through believing it to be safer. 
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for killing the group, which also included a German, a Briton and two Afghans. 

The names of the dead found with Dr. Woo in Afghanistan have not been released.

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