Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tom Little America Optometrist Killed in Afghanistan

An American optometrist is among the dead medical workers in Afghanistan. He has worked in Afghanistan for 30 years.

Dr. Tom Little and Libby Little 

Team leader Tom Little spent more than three decades in the country, a leading member of the IAM team working with the Noor Eye Institute. One of his students was former Afghan foreign minister Dr Abdullah Abdullah who told us: "Dr Little travelled the length and breadth of Afghanistan, treating thousands and thousands of Afghans."
From the Bethlehem Times Union, Dr. Little lived in Delmar, Pennsylvania NewYork, but:
...has a Delmar home but, with his wife, Libby, has spent most of the past three decades in Afghanistan, is believed among the dead. One of the local churches that supports the Littles’ work, First Presbyterian in Schenectady, put out word to its congregation on Friday that Tom Little had been killed. 
In his 30 years in Afghanistan, Dr. Little cared for and operated on thousands of Afghan men, women and children. It’s quite possible he cured the eyesight of the Taliban man who shot him to death.
This report says the group was murdered by Taliban in the Badakhshan Province, although earlier reports have named the Nuristan Province. Information seems to be somewhat confusing on where the Americans were shot down. For now I'll leave this report and the three linked herein, and perhaps we'll know the truth before long.

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