Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carson-Gore Academy Toxic: Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences Built on Toxic Dirt

The Carson-Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences is scheduled to receive 675 high school students on September 13th, 2010 in the Arlington Heights area of Los Angeles. But...the monument school named after Rachel Carson and Al Gore has been built on "toxic" dirt. The $75 million school "naming" committee chose "Carson-Gore" to first honor Rachel Carson, the killer of millions of African babies after successfully getting DDT banned almost world-wide, and the former Vice-President and author Al Gore, who has worked feverishly to murder the America economy and steal the wallets of all Americans through his "green" initiatives. After cleaning up the toxic dirt under the school, if that's possible, Gore and Carson will remain toxic to humans. Do we have any doubt that the teachers at this "academy" will be toxic to our children?

This LA Times article says construction workers worked "up to" the Labor Day weekend replacing the toxic dirt from two 3,800 square-foot plots - to a depth of 45 feet - enough to hold a four-story building. It is unclear whether the building has now been deemed safe. The school principal plans to install an organic food garden, but the seeds will not be sown in above-ground planters.

From The Blaze:
Before settling on honoring Gore, the school’s naming committee teased the idea of naming the school after a communist, but that idea was dropped after one member of the committee objected:
In the spring, a school-naming committee received six options, including Pete Seeger Community School. A representative from school board member Marguerite suggested that the folk singer’s “affiliation with the Communist Party among other factors, made that choice inappropriate, two in attendance recalled.
Read more about Rachel Carson who convinced environmentalists, and governments, that spraying with DDT to kill mosquito-borne diseases...the only effective preventative for malaria, was harmful when in fact, it was life-saving. Keep this in mind, a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. If you survive it, it reoccurs all though-out the life-span. There is no cure. World-wide, there are 250 million new malaria cases, and 1 million die every year. The Natonal Institutes of Health in 2007 said, "the ban on DDT may have killed 20 million children." If you are worried about DDT and a connection to the eagle population, you'll find this interesting.

Aside from naming a school after Carson and Gore, what's up with a $75 million school in a state on the verge of bankruptcy with a governor begging the fed to bail him out?

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