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Chris Christie Mike Castle: Christie Endorses RINO Castle: Good Faith Pledge in Order?

So, there are few problems here: Senator Mike Castle is a RINO - yes, he is. He voted for cap and trade and he voted for the DISCLOSE Act. What more do you need to hang the RINO sign around his neck? Those watching the race closely, however, believe Christine O'Donnell is a conservative, but...some of those watching closely do not believe O'Donnell can beat the Democrat opponent. I suggest Republican House leadership secure a good faith pledge from Castle that he will never, ever again vote to silence us with the DISCLOSE Act, or any similar legislation, and never, ever vote for a Democrat version of cap and trade. And do this before the election. Doing so defines the meaning of "House Leadership." But please read on, there are other considerations.

Mike Castle's political leanings
From Ace:

I do not know why it is that Mike Castle is running 12 points or so ahead of his Democratic rival. It could be partly due to his despised RINOism, of course. And it's also due to personal characteristics which he alone possesses and cannot be transferred to O'Donnell -- like, as the state's only at-large Representative (the state has only one Rep.), he knows everyone in the state, has campaigned statewide nine times before. For whatever reason, the voters trust him, seem to like him. (Well, "like" as much as one can like a politician.)
For whatever reason, they've decided he's okay by them. And preferable to a Democrat. And so he polls 10-12 points ahead.
Meanwhile the latest Rasmussen poll puts O'Donnell ten points behind Coons.
And on that point, I ask, where is the plausible pathway to candidate growth? What is the realistic plan for getting O'Donnell up from ten points down to at least even?
Castle's Republican challenger is Christine O'Donnell. She is not a politician, but is a conservative activist. We have non-political activists running across the country, and that is a good thing, but this one is particularly problematic.

The other side of this is the GOP Fossils who are trying to denigrate O'Donnell and force her to drop out of the race, and are apparently paying people to "stalk her." From TheOtherMcCain:
Let me repeat the question I asked over the weekend: How many pro-life voters in Delaware? Castle’s pro-choice, O’Connell’s pro-life, and that life-or-death issue ought to be decisive in a GOP primary.
If the bottom line is O'Donnell cannot win (and polls are not always the last word) let's tell the Republican leadership to demand a few promises from Mike Castle or they will move to O'Donnell's camp.

In the video below, Christie says a vote for Castle is a vote for "smaller, smarter government." What? Even GovTrack shows Castle only barely Republican (see the graphic above). See Castle's past voting record, which sides with Democrats far more often than with Republicans. However GovTrack also says in the current Congress he has voted with Republicans 87.3% of the time. Sigh. I can't tell you how  comfortable it is to live in a Conservative, very red state. See the Christie endorsement below.

Governor Chris Christie Endorses Mike Castle (video)

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