Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Palin-Endorsed!

Sarah Palin has endorsed Christine O'Donnell for the Senate in Delaware. Sitting Republican Congressman Mike Castle is trying to move up to the Senate and occupy the seat left behind when Joe Biden move up to the Veep office. Castle is a Republican-in-Name Only (a RINO) and scores so far Left on the Gov Track meter that we have to ask, how much Republican does this man have in? Not much. Castle voted for the DISCLOSE Act and the failed cap-and-trade. Sarah's endorsement came on Sean Hannity's program today.

Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin

Here are the dynamics of this race, all of which just changed drastically. Castle is running double digits ahead of his Democrat opponent, and O'Donnell is running double digits behind the Democrat. Will Delaware's voters want a true conservative sitting in the seat vacated by Joe Biden?

O'Donnell ran against Biden in 2008 and there are some stories about that. Obviously, Sarah does not believe Christine's detractors. From Christine:
They knock on the door at all hours of the night. They’re hiding in the bushes when I’m at candidate forums. In 2008 they broke into my home. They vandalized my home. They wrote nasty notes on my front door, on my front porch. They jeopardized my safety. They did the same thing to our campaign office. They broke into our campaign office. They vandalized our campaign office. They stole files. My campaign signs that had my picture—they put a spear in my mouth poked out my eyes, and cut out the part of my heart, and wrote nasty names all over those campaign signs. 
There has a small war between conservative bloggers about Christine O'Donnell's candidacy. With very little momentum in her campaign, some are asking why voters would want to risk losing a Republican, even it is Mike Castle, by voting for O'Donnell, giving way to a Democrat win. Recently, The Other McCain had a lot to say about it (and has supported Christine from day one) reminding us that she is pro-life and Castle is not. I will remind, once more, that Castle voted for the despicable DISCLOSE Act and the Obama failed cap-and-trade. Having said that, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie endorsed Castle. Read The Other McCain on O'Donnell and be sure to browse through the archives.

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