Saturday, September 25, 2010

Right Reading Roundup - TLC Edition

Maggie's away, so here's my right reading roundup. Be sure to follow the links for some interesting commentary of the news of the day.

Mind-Numbed Robot created a nice video saluting the ladies of liberty. My fuzzy twitter photo didn't make it into the video, but he did a good job nonetheless.

An SEIU member registered 23,207 fraudulent voters in Harris County, Texas. Gateway Pundit has the scoop.

Check out video of a man being pummeled in the face by a leftie at a campaign event in Oregon at The Other McCain.

You'll never guess what Obama did in his weekly address - attacked Republicans! Gee, nothin' like trying something new for a change. William Teach can't recall a modern president being so utterly partisan in a weekly address. Just think, we have more than two more years of this.

Bob Belvedere has some excellent dating advice for a spammer with an STD.

If you think the exit of the creepy David Axelrod and the thuggish Rahm Emanuel means an end to the Chicago Way in the White House, think again, warns Sister Toldjah.

Fausta points out that Bill Ayers being denied emeritus status was an empty gesture, as the aging terrorist still enjoys tenure and the nice pension that goes along with it.

Another liberal politician insulted the voters. This time it was Robin Carnahan in Missouri who has scorn for voters who love the Constitution. All American Blogger is part of the gaggle of "drooling, mouth breathing imbeciles." You can count me in!

In case you missed it, Obama attended a back yard barbecue last week and some Kool Aid drinkers thanked him for sending a $250 check. Note to Obamabots: That isn't Obama's money. I'll let Adrienne fill you in on the details.

Harry Reid is such a [insert expletive here] dirt bag, he's actually accusing Republicans of getting our troops killed. Pundit Press's Aurelius notes that facts mean nothing to guys with no shame.

Nice Deb has more information on the DOJ whistleblower testimony, with plenty of background links. Speaking of the DOJ, Moe Lane picked up on a little tidbit you may have missed - now that evil Bush is out of office they're free to hire all the commies they want!

I know, it's Saturday, but head on over to Right Klik to find out who won this week's Ten Buck Friday poll. I've become quite lax in the TBF department. Sorry, I have a short attention span.

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