Friday, October 8, 2010

And Tom Donilon's Qualifications for National Security Adviser are...

With the resignation of General James Jones as the country's National Security Adviser, Obama has named Tom Donilon to replace Jones. And Donilon's qualifications for this important job are....?

Tom Donilon

  • Donilon was opposed to troop build-up in Afghanistan - apparently opposed to the surge.
  • Is in the circle of Obama aides urging a push-back on the surge
  • He has served in Senior roles in the State Department
  • He is close to Joe Biden
  • Donilon's wife, Cathy Russell is Chief of Staff to Jill Biden
  • He is highly effective
  • Career as a US political advisor
  • Government official and lawyer
  • Served on the Obama transition team
  • Was a Congressional Liason in the Carter Administration
  • Was a senior advisor to Biden on the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Was a senior advisor to Michael Dukakis' failed presidential campaign
  • Worked with Obama to prepare debates agains John McCain in 2008
  • During Clinton administration, became a senior spokesman for the State Department
  • Served as Chief of State to former Secretary of Defense Warren Christopher
  • Was Executive VP for Law and Policy at Fannie Mae.
  • Was the recipient of "millions" supervising Fannie Mae's lobbying against regulation
  • As an attorney, his clients included Citigroup, Goldman, Sachs and Penny Pritzker
Does anyone believe Donilon considers Islam a danger to our national security? Of course not, and this is his most glaring qualification. Obama now has someone to blame. His base (Code Pink) will applaud this appointment.

Remember Alan Colmes, Hannity's liberal seat-mate? Just today, Colmes predicted that Donilon would replace Rahm Emanuel. Poor Alan is wrong every time over there in LiberalLand.

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