Friday, October 8, 2010

Krystal Ball Raunchy Photos: Democrat US Senate Candidate Krystal Ball's Porn Pics Posted

Krystal Ball, a Virginia Democrat running for a US Senate seat, says a conservative blogger published "sexist" photos of her doing something "orally" to a Rudolph the Reindeer phallic shaped nose worn by her ex-husband, as she moved around at a party with her husband on a leash. The Daily mail reports that Ball said she cannot rule out that the photos were posted to her own Facebook or Twitter page, by her own hand.

She, of course, is "shocked,""angry" and blames her Republican opponent, Congressman Rob Wittman who said he has nothing to do with it and has asked that the pic be removed from the Internet.

I would have some sympathy for Ball, considering the photos were supposedly taken at a private Halloween party about 6 years ago. However, Ball believes it just might be possible that she, herself, posted the photos to social networking sites. If she didn't, she apparently might have, or she would have said, hey I would never, never post those pics. My sympathy empathy quickly dissapated. See the photos here. Source

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