Friday, October 22, 2010

Duane Hammond Stagehand Fired for Wearing 'Bush' Shirt and Hat

Duane Hammond, a union worker in IATSE Local 33, has been told he will be brought up on charges for dressing inappropriately. The stage was in the process of being erected for a Barack Obama and Sen. Barbara Boxer rally. Hammond, in a radio interview with Sean Hannity this minute, says he believes  Obama and the White House had nothing to do with this. He believes his own union is solely responsible.

Duane Hammond's Sweatshirt

Hammond was told to remove his hat and turn his sweatshirt inside out. The shirt says "USS George H. W. Bush" with a picture of the ship. Hammond's son is serving on the USS George H. W. Bush. He says he only sees his son for a short time once a year.

The shirt and hat were worn to honor his son. His union supervisor has no honor, and Hammond was fired.
James Wright, a business representative from IATSE Local 33, says the union is still investigating what happened.
"If he was sent home because of the sweatshirt, he will be paid for the day," he said.
Hammond told Hannity he only went to the press when he was threatened with being charged. In the video he says he was humiliated...that he was only wearing his "son's flag, so to speak."

USS George H. W. Bush

My prediction is, Obama will step-in and this man will get his job back. If he doesn't, he is incredibly stupid. A 'thank you' Duane Hammond and his son for supporting and defending the USA. 

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