Friday, October 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Medical Testing for Scary Symptoms

Glenn Beck announced this morning on his radio show that he will spend two days in-hospital for doctors to try to figure out why he is losing feeling in his hands and feet, and has tingling in those areas which is moving up his arms, as well as problems with his vocal chords. See videos below.

Glenn Beck

Beck is asking for prayers for "clarity," and says he believes mental and spiritual issues affect physical conditions. Glenn says that he is reaching out of the "slime" and is "pulling himself out." He says he is in a "transition period," and this is not about "depression." I have noticed that increasingly, he is more heavy-hearted on his television show. He is fighting a battle with eye disease, and has indeed, been immersed in the "slime" coming out of Barack Obama's administration - as well as tracing back the "slime" in past administrations. The videos below are Parts 2 and 3. Part 1 can be viewed at GlennBeck.com. My prayers are with Glenn and his family.

Glenn Beck on Medical Testing

Glenn Beck asks for prayers for "clarity." (video)

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