Sunday, October 24, 2010

Google Street View Cars Take Emails Passwords from Computers

Google's Street View cars took emails and passwords from computer as they drove down streets in Britain. Google says the data was "mistakenly taken." See a video below.

Google Street View Grabs Emails and Passwords

Do you think this can or has happened in the U.S.? Source
Earlier this year the California-based firm admitted that the cars' antennae had also scanned for wireless networks, including home wi-fi, which connect millions of personal computers to the internet.
Google registered the location, name and identification code of millions of networks and entered them into a database to help it sell adverts.
The firm - which uses the slogan 'Don't be evil' - was able to record the location of every wireless router and network without alerting households because wi-fi signals are 'visible' to other internet devices, including the cars' antennae...
The information was only gathered from wireless networks which were not password-protected.
But it means the antennae potentially harvested millions of private emails and passwords around the country. It is not known how many householders have unprotected wireless networks.
 You'll feel better that an investigation has been launched, right?

Google Street View Car

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