Friday, October 22, 2010

Maffei Calling Buerkle's Donors in NY-25? Is it Legal...Ethical...Business as Usual?

Karen at The Lonely Conservative has received information, that if true, begs the question: how far is too far for Democrats? She has been energetically working, through her blog, for Ann Marie Buerkle's campaign for Congress in NY-25.

Ann Marie Buerkle

Dan Maffei

Karen received information today that at least two donors to Buerkle's campaign were contacted by Democrat opponent, Dan Maffei, or his "people," asking why they donated to Ann Marie Buerkle.

The Lonely Conservative is asking some questions of her own, and you might be able to answer some of them. Please visit her, and if have you have some pertinent information, or past experiences - wherever you are located, please think about sharing it with her. Is Dan Maffei's Campaign Intimidating Donors?

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