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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Creator Joins NAMBLA: Facebook Scrubs NAMBLA

I saw the movie Social Network a few days ago - the amazing story of how Mark Zuckerberg and friends created Facebook. I was stunned when I saw a Forbes headline "Mark Zuckerberg Joins The North American Man-Boy Love Association" (NAMBLA). I have no knowledge of Zuckerberg's sexual preference, but whatever it is, I would not expect him to be a member of NAMBLA. In return, or maybe because of Fox News, Facebook has begun purging the pedophile group known as NAMBLA. See videos below.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has given it's users a new option. We can create "Groups" and apportion friends to any group we want, whether that friend likes it or not:
Blogger Michael Arrington seems to have already performed a helpful proof-of-concept by adding Mark Zuckerberg to a group supposedly representing NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Zuckerberg’s addition to the group is broadcast to all of his friends, as shown in the image above.

So I assume this is a joke...but NAMBLA is not a joke. Fox News reported the increasing presence of NAMBLA on Facebook:
The world’s largest pro-pedophilia advocacy group uses Facebook to connect with its members throughout the world; to find and exchange photos of children; to hone its members' predatory behavior; and to identify, target and reel in child victims, an investigation by Fox News.com reveals.    
And Facebook began the purge. See a list of some of the NAMBLA chapters scrubbed here.
“NAMBLA” in the “Organizations-Advocacy Organizations” category, which featured a photo of a man being kissed on the cheek by a small child.  Its description read: “We are the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Our sole purpose is to push forward the concept that a consenting man (18+) and a consenting minor (-18) can have a sexual and loving relationship legally.
NAMBLA's website says they are "expanding" their online presence. On their page "Why NAMBLA Matters," their first bullet is followed by "For 30 years, NAMBLA has been the primary voice testifying to the benevolent aspects of man/boy love."

NAMBLA is a vile organization, traveling around the world on the hunt for underage boys, especially in third world countries. They have survived by hiding behind Free Speech. South Park aired a segment written around them. Barack Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, Kevin Jennings, a gay man, has said he was "inspired" by Harry Hay, the founder of Radical Faeries, and a communist. Hay was not a member of NAMBLA but was a featured speaker at some NAMBLA events and was well acquainted with the mission of Man/Boy Love members. Read more about Harry Hay, NAMBLA and Kevin Jennings here.

There are times when I have admired statements issued by Camille Paglia (danged if I can remember any of them this minute), not that I know a lot about her, but get this statement on the passing of Alan Ginsberg, titled The Purity of Allen Ginsberg's Boy-Love:
As far as Ginsberg's pro-NAMBLA stand goes, this is one of the things I most admire him for. I have repeatedly protested the lynch-mob hysteria that dogs the issue of man-boy love. In "Sexual Personae," I argued that male pedophilia is intricately intertwined with the cardinal moments of Western civilization. Donatello's historically pivotal bronze sculpture, "David" (1430), was my main exhibit -- a languidly flirtatious work that would get the artist arrested for kiddie porn these days. In "Vamps & Tramps," I said that Western moralism and hypocrisy have driven the matter underground and overseas, where impoverished Third World boys now supply the sex trade.
"...male pedophilia is intricately intertwined with the cardinal moments of Western civilization? 

So, if I were Mark Zuckerman, I might think of suing.

Much of what we know about NAMBLA comes from a former FBI agent, Bob Hamer who went undercover inside NAMBLA for three years. See that video below.

By the way, the movie Social Network was some of the best acting I've seen in years. I cannot vouch for how much of the movie is true, or how much embellished, but I believe most is true, and I predict it be will be at the top of well-deserved Oscar handouts. I was riveted. See a movie trailer and clip below.

Social Network trailer (video)
Social Network clip (video)

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