Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama Executive Order: Better Education for Hispanics

Hispanic children need early childhood care, and Obama has issued another of his infamous Executive Orders to get it for them, which will no doubt include the 5,197,190 (at least) children of illegals plugging up our schools and draining the funds that support those schools. FIVE MILLION! Real name: Education Excellence for Hispanics.

Hispanic Preschoolers

The Won warned schools: "if you're receiving tax dollars you better be able to deliver results for our children." The man is a bastion of deep thinking. I don't know how he contains himself. Oh yeah...he doesn't.

Hyperbole followed the warning; things like: brighter futures, hope deeper, climb higher, dream bigger. I guess Blacks in America have finally accepted that "Latinos make up the largest minority group in American schools?" Someone weight in here: is that a good thing?

The Executive Order will be executed by reforming the "early childhood" care (day care) of Hispanic children. Illinois is the first state to require "bilingual education" to children who do not speak English, including children illegal residing in the U.S. So how's it working in Illinois:
But from Carpentersville to Champaign, local school districts are hurrying to comply with the requirements that come without additional funding, even as they brace for another year of dwindling reserves and funding delays.
“It seems as though this is just creating a problem unnecessarily,” said Superintendent Roger Prosise, of Diamond Lake School District 76, where nearly a quarter of the district’s 1,170 students are new to English.
Calling preschool the new front door to the school system, education experts say the change could help to narrow the academic divide.
I know...you're shaking your head at my ignorance, and asking if it is not far better for children here illegally to learn our language. Quoting Ann Coulter:
One million Mexicans across the border in Mexico think, 'if I can just get to America and get my kid educated, we will be legal.'  See the video here.
Source for the number of children of illegal migrants in the U.S. is ImmigrationCounters. It's a great source. Take a look. We need a counter for Obama Executive Orders which are predicted to pile up as a Republican Congress denies the man his every desire.

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