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Obama: We Trail China's Infrastructure..again

This week Obama told us that he has asked Congress for an "initial" $50 billion to begin a six-year-plan to restore and and upgrade our infrastructure. Necessary, he said to keep pace with China, who is far wiser than the U.S. - wise enough to "invest today for tomorrow." He said it once in August, and again on October 11th. Don't you love being compared to a Communist country?

We Trail China's Infrastructure?

Obama quoted in the Hawaii Reporter via Voice of America:
“Right now China is building hundreds of thousands of miles of new roads. Over the next 10 years it plans to build dozens of new airports. Over the next 20 it could build as many as 170 new mass transit systems. Everywhere else they are thinking big, they are creating jobs today, but they are also planning to win tomorrow,” said President Obama.
Never mind, Mr. President, that of China's 751,000+ miles of highway, only 168,586 are paved, including highways. By contrast, the U.S. has 2,615,870 miles of paved roads, including highways, and another 1,401,791 miles of unpaved roads. If we are going to worry about China, comparing roads...humiliating for you and China. Don't compare our water systems either. Embarrassingly for you, Beijing and most of China has comparatively none.

Adding to the folly of Obama's feint to China, the country has a population of 1,338,612,968 with a land area size of 5,963,275 square miles. The U.S. population is 307,212,123 with a land area of 5,692,982 square miles. Far fewer people with almost identical land mass. Source: CIA World Fact Book

I'm not ignoring the fact that China has come far, and traveled fast. Most of their roadways were started in the 1990's. Their trains are many and efficient, because even if their roadways had been superb, few have owned automobiles until recent years, but there is no doubt ownership is skyrocketing
Fifteen years ago, the roads were empty, save for the constant stream of bicycles.
Today they are jammed from morning to night with close to three million private cars.
A thousand new cars hit the city's streets every day. By 2020 China will have 140 million private cars, more even than the United States.
If those stats are accurate, by 2020 China will have more cars, as well as many, many more people - maybe a billion more than the U.S. The video below says China has built more roads in the last five years than in the last fifty. Ka-ching, Ka-ching. If China is paving and laying, our corporate tax rates have helped to build a dynamic new kind of communist government with socialist/capitalist policies, and a work ethic that doesn't expect four weeks vacation. Read about Chinese worker's vacations and transportation here.

Long before you, Mr. President, were a glint in the eye of your Communist daddy, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower was commissioning our Interstate Highway system. I suggest you not hold us up to the standards of China or any Communist country. It just doesn't look good. Can you name one Communist country with a superior highway system? Maybe Cuba, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam? No? I didn't think so. Where there are few autos, few roads are needed.

Driving in China (video)

Graphic courtesy Flopping Aces via Democrat=Socialist

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