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Obama Angry and Evil-Eyed: Obama Gives AIDS Hecklers A Finger: AIDs Treatment Progress?

An angry Obama faced unhappy AIDs activists when they heckled him at his Massachusetts speech for Governor Deval Patrick yesterday. Did the evil-eyed pic come from that rally or his appearance in Ohio, or neither? He appears to be dressed the same at each event. Scary photos. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Ewwwwe!

Barack Obama

The $50 billion over 5 years the administration targeted for AIDS has apparently not begun flowing. Wearing white T-shirts with "Keep the Promise" emblazoned across the chest, they stirred things up a bit. Is this where the camera caught glimpses of a angry, evil-eyed Obama, as he points and yells at the hecklers? True to character, Obama blamed the lack of AIDs funding on Republicans and their fight to keep the Bush tax cuts. Never mind that $50 billion is about a 235% hike in funding over that of Bush, and our Treasury is empty these days.

Barack Obama

President Bush set the gold standard for the World by pledging $15 billion over a five year period for the fight against AIDS. By Fall of 2007, Antiretroviral treatment (ART) had been dispensed to 1.5 million people. One billion of the $15 billion went to something called the "Global Fund."

Then Obama ascends and wants $50 billion. Did I mention that we are a bankrupt Nation? But the Democrats come to the rescue and fire up the printing press. We still have no money. All cash hot off the press has already been spent from here to my eternity.

Shamelessly, he told the eager crowd and the hecklers that Republicans, if elected, will "cut aids funding right here in the United States of America and all across the world."

I have great empathy for anyone suffering from AIDs, empathy for their agony, for their children and families. Having said that,  I do not have empathy for repeatedly spending money on causes when at-risk patients or potential patients do not co-operate. Those potential patients in this case include unmarrieds having unprotected sex and refusing to participate in routine testing, and having unprotected sex with multiple partners whether they accept testing or not. At-risk pregnant Mothers, rape victims (whether male or female) and all children are exempted from my wrath.

This report dated March 2010 says HIV infections are rising among homosexuals, drug users and prostitutes.

An undated government report discussing goals for 2010 seemed to be delivering good news about the spread of AIDs, but as is often the case with government documents, you have to read every word, and get to the bottom of the page before you find this:
Objectives that could not be assessed. Data to assess progress toward their targets were not available for new HIV/AIDS cases (13-5), condom use among sexually active unmarried males (13-6b), testing according to guidelines (13-13a and b), HIV diagnosis prior to AIDS (13-15), perinatally acquired HIV/AIDS (13-17a), and heterosexually transmitted HIV/AIDS in women (13-18).
This interesting report by Matthew Hanley in June 2010 says the "Western approach" to AIDs prevention in Africa has failed. But...a few African countries have cut the incidence of HIV-AIDs by their governments working with the population to doing one thing: changd behavior and cut out multiple partners. Uganda and Kenya have both seen great success from reduced partners. But those grubbing the money to fund their condom project, are blind, deaf and decidedly dumb:
These successes and failures are, tellingly, too often treated in a manner inversely proportional to their merits. Behavior change, though responsible for success, remains the least emphasized approach, while risk reduction invariably receives the benefit of the doubt despite its failure to deliver as promised. Its disappointing results always mean that efforts—along with funding—must simply be doubled. 
Many in the AIDS Establishment will only unreservedly applaud success if it comes through the technical means promoted by Western governments and activist groups. In a 2005 PBS documentary, UNAIDS’ executive director Dr. Piot refused to concede that behavior change played the paramount role in Uganda’s unparalleled success. “But we also know,” he added, “that no country has been successful in bringing down the number of new infections of HIV without strong condom promotion.” 
Who would have thought - simply refraining from sleeping around might save your life. So, maybe it's all about the money.

Obama increased George W. Bush's unprecedented HIV-AIDs funding of $15 billion by 235%. This big spender needs to be stopped in his tracks, as well as think about how Americans might feel when we see the dark and dangerous, angry and evil-looking eyes of our President.

Obama Gives AIDS Hecklers a Finger (video)

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