Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama's Aunt Zeituni Qualifies as Asylee? Why? Zeituni: US Obligated to Grant Citizenship and Aid (Video)

Barack Obama's Aunt Zetuni has lived in the Boston area illegally for years. She recently received "asylum" and is still in Boston living in public housing, receiving $700 monthly, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Aunti has told a Boston TV station, the U.S. has an "obligation" to grant her citizenship. I'm asking how, EXACTLY, this woman qualifies for asylum and status as an "asylee." See the video below, where Zeituni Onyango complains that she has been treated badly here.

Zeituni Onyango

So we must ask why Zeituni Onyango was granted "asylum" in this country. Was she persecuted in her home country of Kenya? Did she consider herself a refugee when she arrived in this country (but according to her planned to return to her home)? Was her life in danger? The answer appears to be "no" each.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, you must meet the definition of "refugee" to be given "asylee" status:
Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, , and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.
I don't think the "social group" or "political opinion" stretches to voting Democrat or having a nephew controlling the Oval Office. How did this happen?

I found the answer and Aunti is here courtesy of another activist judge:
A judge who granted asylum to President Barack Obama's African aunt ruled she deserved to stay in the United States because a federal government official leaked her status to a news organization, making her a potential target for persecution in her native Kenya.
Can we seriously think Barack Obama's auntie would be targeted for "persecution" in Kenya? Eric Holder must have been behind this one.

In the video below from WBZ-TV, the interviewer mentions that Onyango's very "wealthy" relatives, living in the White House, have done nothing to relive the taxpayer's burden of her presence in America.

Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Zeituni Bashes America (video)

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