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Mark Turner Correspondance with Governor Charlie Crist

As many of you may know, I've been off the computer for about two weeks due to extreme eye strain. Since that time, my blogging friend Mark Turner has been moved from a hospital to a jail facility and then on September 28th to a prison at Lake Butler in Chipley, Florida. According to Mark's wife, he will stay at the Lake Butler facility for an unspecified time while he is "acclimated to prison." Find links to the background on Mark at the end of this article.

Mark Turner

In the meantime, I have received from a close of friend of Mark, a copy of what his friends and I have referred to as "Mark's book." The "book" has been used on numerous occasions, and particularly as documentation for Florida Governor, Charlie Crist.

In one of Mark's conversations with Crist's impotent office on November 5, 2009, he was advised to get a "complaint form" from the Ecambia (Florida) County Sheriff's office (ECSO). After doing so, Mark notified Dustin Fusillo in Crist's office that he was concerned about the "Disclaimer" printed on the complaint form:
Any Person who is a participant in an internal investigation, including the complainant...who willfully discloses any information...not limited to the identy of the officer under investigation...before such complaint becomes a public record, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in S.775.082 or 775.083. "Florida Statute 112.538 (Penalty: up to 1 year in jail and/or up to $1000 fine."
So imagine that you are being wrongfully sued by a state prosecutor or have been wrongfully convicted at the behest of your state's prosecutor, and you appeal to your Governor's office for help. The Governor's office advises you to obtain a complaint form from your country Sheriff's office and to execute that complaint form. Then imagine that doing so means a certain prison sentence. From Mark's letter to Crist:
There is more to the Disclaimer that threatens and concerns me but as you can read, by me signing the Complaint Form, I am guaranteed a free ride to prison. Remember, they arrested me because I civilly sued Pete Moore of Pete Moore Chevrolet for $36 Million. This civil lawsuit is WHY I was arrested. Therefore I am awaiting your written response before I sign and sent the complaint form. 
What would you do? What could you do? Mark ended his letter to Charlie Crist with this:
I am requesting an Executive Investigation into the offices held by those mentioned above. If this evidence I provide is not significant enough for an investigation, how many people do I need to come forward to launch one? I have them lined u because of my website www.markturnedandfriends.com. If you Google: Mark Turner and any of the above mentioned people, you will see that I have the support. Governor Crist, the State Attorney's Office offered me as little as 10 months with no restitution or face 90 years. I have included this document as well. Am I that big a threat, or that little a threat?  (signed Sincerely, Mark Turner).
Needless to say no "Executive Investigation" was launched, even though Mark provided a wealth of documentation to Crist's office.

For background on Mark Turner's (of Pensacola, Florida) criminal lawsuit, please go here: Mark Turner, The Short and Important Story. See two current videos made by Mark in my left sidebar.

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