Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama a Jackass, Ignoramous: Democrats Call G.W. Satan's Monkey

ABC's Steven Portnoy wrote yesterday that Rush Limbaugh had "taken his contempt of the president to a new level," when he called Obama a "jackass." Where was Portnoy when G. W. was in office and among other names, called "Satan's Monkey,"or General David Petraeus tagged General Betrayus by Obama funder George Soros? See the Rush Limbaugh video below calling Obama an "economic illiterate," an "economic ignoramous," an "idiot" where capitalism is concerned, and a "jackass." Source

Rush Limbaugh

View a list of "nicknames" for Bush at Doug Ross and Democratic Underground.

Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama's Economic Medulla Oblongata

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