Monday, October 18, 2010

Steve King: America's in the Abyss of Socialism: Republicans Pledge to Check Bills Against Constitution

This is such, such encouraging news. Rep. Steve King (R-IW) says Republicans will check legislation against its constitutionality. It's in the Pledge with America, he said it was not his idea, but he is excited about it. He won't be the only one, hopefully, and I believe we can count on the Tea Partiers to take names and kick butts (so to speak). King speaks frankly and says we are "in the abyss of Socialism." You know it. I know it. It's already here. It  is a new day dawning in America. See the video below.

Steve King

If we have wondered if anyone in Congress feels as intensely emotional about the state of our Nation, as we do, King says he has seen grown men with tears rolling down their cheeks at what is happening to our country. Okay, maybe those men were not members of Congress. Maybe they were Tea Partiers. I don't know, but you can tell he has been affected by the Tea Party movement, and he greatly respects it. Yes, it is a new day, longtime coming, in the United States of America. This video courtesy of Human Events. Adam Tragone, the Managing Editor is the interviewer.

Rep. Steve King on the Abyss of Socialism - we're in it! (video)

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