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Umm Talha Arrested: Zach Chesser New Charges: Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita Arrested

Umm Talha, the wife of Zachary Chesser, the Virginia man who threatened the creators of the TV show, "South Park" has been arrested. Also known as Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita, Umm Talha now has federal charges filed against her. Zach A. Chesser was charged yesterday with "one count of communicating threats and another count of soliciting crimes of violence. These new charges against Chesser join previous charges of adding material support to terrorists, and carry an additional penalty of 15 years in prison. See a video below.

Umm Talha (Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita)

Zach Chesser

This charming pair have an infant son who has been used as a pawn in this case. The mother, Nzabanita (Umm Talha) is from Uganda. From Rusty at The JawaReport's comprehensive coverage of this couple:
As a matter of fact, Umm Talhah always seemed even more radical to me than Zach. And smarter. The real brains of the outfit. So, her arrest is welcomed news.
The only sadness I feel is for her parents. When they found out their daughter wanted to go to Somalia with her husband, they hid her passport from her so she wouldn't go. Unfortunately the asshole husband, Zach, grabbed their grandchild and headed for Somalia anyway.
What kind of a monster intentionally takes a baby into a war zone? 
Chesser, 20, reportedly tried to join the Somalian terrorist group Al Shabab, and made two attempts to flee to Somalia. He has an alias of course: Abu Talhan Al-Amrikee. According to this story, Chessler has communicated directly with Anwar Awlaki "several times."

From WTOP.com:
Chesser's wife, Proscovia Kampire Nzabanita, was also charged Monday with one count of making a false statement, which carries a possible prison sentence of up to eight years. Her charge is related to her husband's case, but it was not clear how.

Zach Chesser - New Charges (video)

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