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Chris Matthews: Obama Guilty of Elitist Charge - Failed to Explain Economics

Chris Matthews takes a tough stance on Obama's failures, and it's a little jaw-dropping until he remembers how he earns his salary...oh yeah! I'm a Democrat shill...and remembers the current  administration talking points that voter's are unhappy because the president has not explained the complexities of his economic policy, and oh yes, Obama is an elitist, yes he is. See the video below.

Explaining Obama Economics

Matthews is confounded that Obama has not explained his progressive brand of economic, and says every Grad school student learns that a large deficit in a recession is necessary. Obama does not have a degree in economics, and perhaps he failed the undergraduate work. We wouldn't know. All his records are sealed. He has no life experience with economics. His economic policies, and the policies of his economic team, have flown in the face of sound fiscal policy. So what is there for Obama to "explain" without being laughed off the world stage.

Matthews is also disgruntled that Obama was so very patriotic during the 2008 elections, and he believed in America's exceptionalism...so very much, but then...there were the teleprompters, and Obama talked at us, not with us, and he didn't listen.

Precious few of the claims of Obama's campaign patriotism or the belief that America is exceptional were anywhere in the 2008 election. He was caught on camera not saluting the flag. Appalling. He wanted to redistribute our wealth. His father and his mentor were both communists. Showing just how out of touch with the framework of America, he thought America had 57 states, and he had visited them all. Oh, you say...he just misspoke? Surely he knew how many states in America? Apparently not. That's as absurd as saying he didn't know he should be saluting the flag.

 In a speech at the home of Harry Truman in the summer of 2008, he gave a speech to prove his patriotism, because so many believed there was so little. In that speech, I was not comforted that he spoke of his "growing awareness of our nation's imperfections" as a younger adult. Those of us who were honest knew Obama's fondness for Islam would tip the scales to less protection for Israel. Why does that matter? It matters because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. If we cannot stand for true democracy around the world, how do we defend our own republic?

Maybe Matthews' is looking for a way to save his journalistic life as this train wreck descends from the heady heights Liberals think he ascended.

Chris Matthews - Obama is Guilty of Elitist Charge

Partial transcript:
MATTHEWS: When he was a campaigner, he did nothing but talk about what a great country this is, what an exceptional country this is because a guy like me an make it here and only in a country like this could I have made it. He was very patriotic, very inclusive and he was very interactive in an interesting way. Ever since he has been president he has been elitist and he has come with his teleprompter, and he has given his speech. He hasn't listened, he has talked at us, rather than with us...
MITCHELL: At least that's what he has projected.
MATTHEWS: No, he actually does bring the teleprompter with him and he actually does know what he wants to say.
MITCHELL: No I don't mean that. I mean...you don't think that he's interactive even thought he's had these townhall meetings, you don't think he's given the sense...of...
MATTHEWS: No and I think he hasn't explained himself. Lincoln had to explain the Civil War, darn it.  Roosevelt had to explain everything about the Great Depression. You have to take people along with you. I think he is guilty of that elitest charge. If you are going to spend a $1.6 Trillion deficit in one year you better explain to the American people why you did it. He never explained economics the way he was taught it. We were all taught in graduate school you had to run a big deficit during a grand recession. How about explaining that. Everybody didn't go to graduate school.

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