Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Jersey Teachers Caught on Video: NJ Teacher Unions Gone Wild

James O'Keefe has new investigative videos out: New Jersey Teachers Gone Wild, which he says was taped by "citizen journalists," some of them actors, inside a meeting of the New Jersey Education Association. The videos are said to be undercover audio and camera footage from the NJEA summer leadership conference at the New Brunswick Hilton, as well as a phone conversation with a school principal regarding an issue of race. See the videos below.

James O'Keefe

 A spokesman for the New Jersey Education Association, Steve Baker, appears briefly in the video twice, says "the whole thing is a complete fabrication, built on lies." The most shocking thing to me is in the first video, you hear that in collective bargaining, the NJEA "fixed some of those things," they did not agree with, after the "bargaining" was closed. The speaker said Christie was not aware that the bargaining had been "fixed," [changed].

You hear a man say he was educated at Rutgers, could be a principal, and could F**k with the kids!

In the video, you hear this chant, among others:
"Let's have a whiskey and get a little misty. Join me now and slander Chris Christie"
A woman seen in the video (and identified as a teacher from Passaic) is playing a video game:
"That's why we're laughing here, we're playing video games on their dime."
Another woman who identifies hereself as a teacher from Passaic, says:
"It's really hard to fire a teacher."
"like you have to seriously be in a hallway F-ing somebody." 
"...a tenured teacher would need to perform a sex act in a hallway in order to be fired."
You can also hear a chant, part of which is inaudible, but you clearly hear the group saying they will "kick Chris Christie in the toolbox."

If you have a child, or a grandchild, a niece or nephew in New Jersey schools, this has to make you both physically sick, as well as saddened that our schools employee teachers who are delighted knowing the taxpayer is funding their "play time," would call a child the "N" word, would illegally change an agreed upon contract, and use the "F" word in the same sentence with the word "kids."

These videos will be intensely scrutinized for editing and audio verification. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out, Governor Chris Christie said the videos are "distressing - and revealing - to say the least."

(James O'Keefe is one half of the Pimp and Prostitute videos which busted ACORN from shore to shore, along with Hannah Giles).

James O'Keefe - New Jersey Education Association (Video 1)

James O'Keefe - New Jersey Education Association (Video 2)

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