Monday, November 1, 2010

Christians Die in Iraqi Catholic Church

Our Lady of Deliverance church in Baghdad, Iraq was the seen of many deaths yesterdays. Estimates are that 120 Christians were inside the church when gunmen stormed into the "prayer hall." The priest was shot dead immediately.

Our Lady of Deliverance, Baghdad, Iraq
The militants then detonated their suicide vests and threw grenades when security forces stormed the building.
The Daily Mail says at least 52 people were killed (MSNBC reports 58 deaths), including the priest, nine Iraqi security forces and five of the attackers - "some wearing suicide explosive vests and armed with grenades." A car bomb explosion happened just previous to the bombers entering the church, and it is expected that the car bomb was a diversion.

That leaves the assumption that at least 37 of the dead were parishioners. It takes a lot of courage and faith to attend a Christian church in Islamic countries, and Iraq is no exception. This is the deadliest attack on Christians in Iraq ever recorded.

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