Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rand Paul Eliot Spitzer: Spitzer Pushes Pay Cut for Medicare Doctors

Client No. 9, also known as Eliot Spitzer, interviewed Kentucky's new Senator-elect, Rand Paul. Paul is a medical doctor and has said physicians pay for treatment of Medicare patients should not be cut unless all federal payrolls are cut. Spitzer thought he had Paul on the end of his pitchfork after showing the trillions spent on medicare, medicaid and social security.  See the video below.

Rand Paul

Paul pointed out that further cuts in physician's pay would be on top of the already-implemented 50% cut. Spitzer wasn't interested and offered no follow-up. Then he tried to broadside Paul by asking what his income was as a physician treating predominately Medicare patients. Paul didn't skip a beat, and suggested if Spitzer wanted to talk about Rand's past, perhaps they might also talk about Spitzer's own (which undoubtedly would include the disgraced Governor of New York State being outed as "Client No. 9" in a prositution scandal which brought his resignation as governor).

Rand Paul will be a conservative voice to be reckoned with when he hits the Senate. It's a good thing.
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Eliot Spitzer and Rand Paul

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