Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Child Soldiers Okay in Sudan, Yemen, Chad, Congo: Obama Funds Child Soldiers

U.S. law stipulates that we will not extend aid to any country utilizing "child soldiers." At least it was the law until Obama exempted Sudan, Yemen, Chad and the Congo. They use children for solidiers...we send money anyway. Barack Obama deemed it so. Congress wants to know why.

Child Soldiers

State Department spokesman, P.J. Crowley explained that these four countries "need more time" to implement the policies we object to, and to keep stability in these areas. We will break our own laws, because in The Time of Obama, the Rule of Law means nothing. 
The law requires the State Department to list governments that recruit and use child soldiers in the annual “Trafficking in Persons Report.” Governments appearing on the list are prohibited from receiving military assistance or buying arms from the United States unless the president grants an exemption on grounds of "national interest."
Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (Neb) says the waiver is an "affront to our principles," and is a "most serious human rights violation...." He is awaiting a memo of "waiver justification" from the White House, due in 45 days.

Think about these four egregious countries: the Sudan, Yemen, Chad and the Congo. None have the slightest penchant for human rights, especially for women and children. Children are routinely raped in each. There is no governmental stability in any of the four countries. Who will these children be fighting against? What are we thinking when we break our own laws designed to protect children? Do we consider that in each of these countries, Muslims are at the heart of the problem? Can't wait for Obama's "justification" memo.

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