Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bob Basso Mystery: Thomas Paine Mystery: Basso-Paine White House Mystery

A Bob Basso "Thomas Paine" reenactment, which appeared to be Basso's latest installment, seems to have disappeared from the internet. UPDATE: Found the video, thanks to ChicagoRay. I'm adding it here as well as to the original post. The mystery remains: why did Basso, according to The Jerry Doyle Show, cancel an interview with Doyle because he had been asked to visit the White House?

Bob Basso
The simple background before the mystery begins is that The Jerry Doyle show reported that Bob Basso canceled an interview with the show because Basso has been asked to come to the White House to discuss Basso's Thomas Paine videos. From there, the mystery begins. Since that time, no one has heard much from Bob Basso with the exception of a new Thomas Paine video which has now disappeared from the web (see UPDATE above). In that video, Basso speaking as Thomas Paine said he was not asked to come to the White House. Even though the video is not missing, there's more to wonder about. From here, I'm sending you to Zapem's Blog for more information. This is a knarly web. For the record, Zapem's Blog seemed a tad irritated that other bloggers quoted them. I'm linking to my previous posts on the "White House summoms." I have not quoted or referred to Zapem - ever. I can only conjecture about the truth, and this isn't something to spend a lot of time on until Bob Basso decides to clear-up the mystery. One of two two things appears to have happened:
1) Basso completely made-up the story of being contacted by the White House or 2) Basso was contacted by White House and the result of that contact is rendering him mute.
If No. 2 is correct, then maybe we should be talking about it. Keep in mind that the latest Basso video (now missing) stated quickly, then did not elaborate, that the White House visit did not happen (paraphrased). As I said, pure conjecture on my part. See what you come up with after reading Zapem's Blog. If you have time, let me know what you think has happened by leaving a comment.
Bob Basso New Video
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