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Debbie Rowe is Michael Jacksons Childrens Mother: (Photos) Funeral Update

Debbie Rowe was married to singer-dancer Michael Jackson for three years. She is the mother of two of Michael Jackson's three children, Prince Michael Joseph, I and Paris Michael Katherine. A third child was born to an unnamed surrogate. See Updates below. See updates on Paris Jackson's paternity below. Funeral Update: 9-6-09

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson
Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson and their children are in the news because Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died today, reportedly of cardiac arrest, at the age of 50.
Michael Jackson's Children?
According to the UK Mail Online, the above photo is of Michael Jackson's children, two of which are also the children of Debbie Rowe: Paris (L), Prince Michael, I (R) and the youngest "Blanket." Deborah Jeanne Rowe met pop star icon Michael Jackson at a Dermatology clinic where he was receiving treatments for a "skin condition." Rowe was a nurse at the clinic. The two married on November 15, 1996. Rowe, then 38 years old, gave birth three months after the marriage to the first child, Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, I on February 13, 1997. Prince Michael, I is 12 years old. A daughter, Paris Katherine Jackson was born on April 3, 1998 and is 11.
Paris Katherine and Prince Michael Jackson, I?
Again, this photo is from the UK Daily Mail, courtesy of SplashNews.com Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were divorced on October 8, 1999, almost three years after the marriage. It is believed that Jackson and Rowe never shared a home, and that Jackson also did not share his sperm for the children, although that that rumor is not confirmed. Reports says that both children were conceived through artificial insemination at the Los Angeles Fertility Institute. So the question is: are Prince Michael Joseph and Paris Michael Katherine his biological children or.... Debbie Rowe granted full custody rights of both children to Michael after their divorce. Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson, II was born through artificial insemination with an unnamed, surrogate mother, and supposedly Jackson's own sperm, but again, rumors abound that none of his three children are biologically his. "Blanket" was the child that Jackson famously and horrifically held over a hotel balcony as a new born, with a cloth over the child's face. Debbie Rowe is reportedly "inconsolable," over the death of Jackson. Who the children are with at this time, and who will become their guardians is not known. Update 6-25-09 8:15 a.m. CDT: Attorney Debra Opri says that arrangements for the care of Rowe and Jackson's children, as well as "Blanket," has been in place for a very long time. She says she does not know the details of guardianship but believes that the children will go to Katherine Jackson, his Mother. In the meantime, the UK Sun quotes the children's "godfather," Mark Lester.
Jacko's longterm pal, former child star MARK LESTER, has pledged to fulfil his role of godfather to the Thriller star's children.
Mark Lester played the role of Oliver in the movie of the same name. There is no official confirmation that Lester is the "godfather" to Jackson's children. Megyn Kelly at FOX News just reported rumors from friends that Jackson wanted the children's Nanny, Grace Rwaramba, to raise the children in the event he was unable to do so. All just rumors at this time. Update 6-29-09 News of the World New of the World is considered a "tabloid" in the U.K., so take this with a grain of salt, although the speculation has long been floating around. Of Jackson's first two children with Debbie Rowe, she allegedly said this:
Debbie said she was "impregnated" like one of the thoroughbred mares she now keeps on her property, adding: "I was just the vessel. It wasn't Michael's sperm.
There are many direct quotes, allegedly from Rowe in the above article.
Paris Jackson - Prince Jackson, I
Update 6-29-09: The MirrorUK is reporting (and perhaps speculating) that Michael Jackson's children prefer to live with Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson. This article says that Debbie Rowe "is considering revealing Jackson's darkest secrets in a no-holds-barred book if she doesn't get custody..." Deepak Chopra, said to be a close friend of MJ's, introduced the nanny, Grace Rwaramba, to Michael. Chopra doubts that Grace will try to get custody of the children, although she is the only woman, alledgedly, that they have called "Mom." And this:
A Jackson associate said:"Michael constantly let people down when it came to money. He kept them hanging on by promising to pay his debts. "Now it's open season for the people he burned."
The same article says that an "unknown European" was the surrogate for Jackson's third child, Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson. Update 6-28-09: Michael's father, Joe Jackson, says he and Michael's mother, Katherine have "sole authority to act on Michael's behalf. Update 6-29-09: Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother filed for guardianship over the three children. That requested was granted today. The extent of the details of the guardianship are unknown at this time. Update 6-30-09 : Debbie Rowe Not Bio Mom of Jackson Children? Jackson Children Egg and Sperm Donors Unknown Funeral Update 9-06-09: On September 5th, over two months after the death of Michael Jackson, he was finally laid to rest in his gold casket in Forest Lawn Cemetary in the Great Mausoleum. Wearing silver gloves and black arm bands, the Jackson brother's carried the casket of the littlest brother. His children reportedly "placed a crown on their father's coffin to signify the final resting place of the King of Pop. Ushers were dancers hired to appear onstage with Michael during his London comeback tour. Clifton Davis sang the song he wrote for the Jackson 5, Never Can Say Goodbye. Lisa Marie Presely and Elizabeth Taylor attended the funeral estimated to cost more than $1 million. This report has excellent photos and a good video of family and friends arriving at the service, which was scheduled for 7 p.m. but began more than a hour late. Related: Mark Lester Paris Jackson's Dad: Godfather Lester Claims Paternity - New 8-8-09 Geraldo on Michael Jackson, and Jackson Handlers: Joe Jackson Speaks on Who is Responsible for Michael's Death Arnold Klein is Bio Dad of Michael Jackson's Children? Michael Jackson had Lupus? John Branca, John McCalin are Michael Jackson Estate Executors Cherilyn Lee is Michael Jackson's Nutritionist Nurse Rowe Jackson Not Bio Parents of Jackson Children? Jackson Children Egg and Sperm Donors Unknown Jackson Nanny Grace Rwaramba: Grace Has Ties With Nation of Islam? Jackson Couldn't Sing House of Representatives Weird Tribute: Michael Jackson's "Big Heart" Remembered Grace Rwaramba is Michael Jackson's Children's Nanny The Best of Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson Before the Weird and Freakish Debbie Rowe is Michael Jackson's Childrens Mother (Photos)

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