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Malik Nidal Hasan is Fort Hood Shooter? Major Nidal Malik Hasan is Alive Ft. Hood Killer?

Ongoing updates placed her with original minute-by-minute reporting of the Fort Hood murders. I have several posts on Nidal Malik Hasan - see links at bottom of article.

 Update: 11-07-09 Newest update: Nidal Hasan Radical Mosque: Hasan and 9-11 hijackers

 8:18 p.m. CDT: Major Nidal Malik Hasan is alive and in the hospital according to Lt. General Robert Cone, speaking at a press conference. The number dead remains at 12 13.

Update 11-7-09 7:44 a.m. CDT: This morning we know that Nidal Malik Hasan was shouting Allah and/or God is Great or Allah Akhbar as he shot his victims.

Another victim has died. The number dead stands at 13.

Hasan is on a ventilator and unconscience. Authorities have not been able to question him.

This morning I hear that Nidal Malik Hasan was yelling Allah and/or God is great and/or Allah Akhbar as he shot his victims.
Update 11-7-09 8:27 a.m.

The name of the wounded police officer who shot Hasan several times is Kimberly Munley.

Hasan was inside a building for at least some of the killings. He jumped on a table and shot "down" at his victims - at head level.

The wounded police officer shot Hasan at least 4 times. Her name is Kimberly Munley.

ABC is identifying the name of the shooter at Fort Hood today is Major Malik Nidal Hasan. See details here. As yet, the U.S. Army has not confirmed the shooter's name. Reuters and Fox have now confirmed the name of Major Malik Nidal Hasan as the shooter. Update: a new video has been added below. Col. Terry Lee talks about working with Nidal Malik Hasan

Nidal Malik Hasan

See this post for minute-by-minute updates.

This man's name is being reported two different ways: Malik Nadal Hasan and Nidal Malik Hasan.

His cousin said on Fox News, that he was not a Muslim convert. He was born in northern Virginia and was born Muslim. His name was his birth name. He is a psychiatrist, and has spent most of his 12 years in the Army in Washington, D.C. He tended to our wounded there at Walter Reed Hospital, completed his internship, residency and a fellowship. there, and was at Walter Reed for 6 years.. He received a poor job performance review while at Walter Reed. According to the Pentagon, he had never been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. He was to deploy to Afghanistan and he made it known that he was upset about that.

The cousin, in a phone conversation with Shep Smith said Hasan was educated and making a 6-figure salary.

This from a Fox military analyst:The U.S. Army and American taxpayers paid for his complete education.

From ABC: "...he completed a fellowship in Disaster and Preventative Psychiatry at the Center for Traumatic Stress there. In otherwords, this cretin was treating the most severely of our military. Hasan's parents were immigrated from Jordan. He graduated Virginia Tech University, was a member of ROTC.

The same report says that he had a Maryland telephone number.

Retired Colonel talks about working with Nidal Malik Hasan (video)

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