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Amsterdam and the al-Qaeda Threat is Homeland Security Failure

The Christmas Day bomber, Abdu Mudallad's failed attack on Northwest's Flight 253, makes us thankful that his plot was foiled by alert passengers, but shows that security in the U.S. is also a failure at critical times. Abdul Mudallad was known to be a threat, with possible al-Qaeda ties, for at least two years, was on a federal "watch list" but not on the "no-fly list." Would anything have made a difference? Mudallad boarded the flight in Amsterdam with explosives strapped to his leg. See Update 12-27-09 below.

I can't get through airport security if the jewelry in my purse is wrapped in a dark velvet bag. How was this man allowed to board, and what is going on in the city of Amsterdam - a city with at least a population of 13% Muslims and the home to one of the most radical mosques in the country, Tawheed mosque, in the the Old-West section of the city?

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Abdul Mudallad)

 In 2006, the Netherlands' Minister of Justice suggested that Islamic Shari'a law be constitutionally adopted in the country, and a poll in the same year found that 68% of the citizens felt threatened by "immigrant or Muslim young people." Almost as many feared a terrorist attack by Muslims and a very astute 47% believed that if some action was not taken, they would eventually have to live according to Islamic rule in the Netherlands. Obviously the Justice Minister's idea of a good proposal for life in the Netherlands was shouted down.

After the 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh the country conducted an inquiry into the radicalization of young Muslims. The usual findings surfaced: a feeling of alienation, disconnectedness with their first-generation immigrant parents and no shared feeling of patriotism for their own country was prevalent. Obviously, immigrant parents do a miserable job of helping their child integrate, and feel gratitude for the liberty their friends and relatives are denied in Islamic lands, and in many cases, we have seen parents who push their children into jihadist fervor - I'm just guessing, but probably to alleviate their own guilt for living among the democratic. Having said that, there are rumors that Mutallad's father's report him to U.S. authorities six months ago!!! More on that as available.

Had the bomber been successful in blowing the plane in it's descent, imagine the catastrophe. While the loss of 298 passengers would have been horrific, think of the catapulting, flame engulfed monstrosity barreling into the Detroit airport, or into nearby neighborhoods or both. Think of the flying debris raining down onto highways. If, within a city like Amsterdam, we cannot be assured that explosives will be absent the leg of any traveler, what are we to do? This man, Abdul Mudallad, was granted a U.S. visa in June 2008, good through June 12th of 2010. The world is in a mess because we refuse to face our future.
Photo of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, courtesy of Reuters (an undated photo)

Update 12-27-09:
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Abdul Matallad) was officially charged with trying to blow up the Northwest airliner on Christmas Day - placing a destructive device on Flight 253.

The video below reports that a wall of the plane was on fire.

The egregious Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano believes this attempted bombing has no connection to a wider plan of attacks on the U.S.  - displaying here long-held belief that accusations of terrorism are offensive to the worldview.

Abdulmutallab's father, Umaru Mutallab, says he reported his son to the American Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria because he feared his son had been radicalized.

Abdulmutallab - Northwest Flight 253 Bomber

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