Friday, January 29, 2010

ABC Questions Climate Forecasts: Can Climate Science be Trusted?

ABC News asks "can climate forecasts still be trusted," and follows that with "confidence melting away: doubts grow in climate change debate." Can you believe that?

ABC News points out some doubts and does it comprehensively.The article, however, quotes Richard Tol, an "environmental economist, saying "criticism of climate research has become fashionable. There is nothing "fashionable" about the trillions planned to flow to the United Nations to be used to cripple the world powers. The fact is, scientists have lied. Nothing fashionable about that. Had the science  been accurate, there would be no need for the criticism.

For years, malaria expert Paul Reiter of the Paris-based Pasteur Institute has criticized the warning, as expressed in the third IPCC report, that climate change will lead to the spread of malaria, saying that there is no evidence to support such a claim. Reiter accuses many climatologists of perceiving themselves too strongly as activists who are more interested in spreading an alarmist message.
Malaria and glaciers are just a small tip of the iceberg of deceit. The main science for global warming concerns tree-ring data, "intended to prove that average global temperatures in the last 1,000 years was never as high as it is today." The data evolved into a temperature chart, known as the hockey stick graph. One of the graphs clearly showed no warming. So the scientist, Michael Mann, manipulated the graph.
Roger Pielke, a leading expert in this field, wrote in his blog: "The claims were not just wrong. The claims were based on knowledge that just doesn't exist."
The "US government" nominated Pielke for a seat on the IPCC, but the committee refused to appoint him.

The beleaguered head of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Pachauri, is fighting off calls for him to step down. In one of the more recent, disgraceful "mistakes" found, an Indian scientist attempted to set the Panel straight on their data on the forecated melting of Himalayan glaciers, and Pachauri called his study "voodoo science."

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