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Jim Inhofe ClimateGate Investigation: Rajendra Pachauri Dismisses Top Warming Scientists

Senator Jim Inhofe is calling for an investigation into the ClimateGate CRU fradulent warming data, and the U.N.'s chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri dismisses the "few" scientists who might have shamed themselves by discussing their purposefully fraudulent data entry.

Rajendra Pachauri

The U.N. says ho-hum, these emails, discussing the fraud committed by the very scientists considered the primary climate change gurus, mean nothing. The direct quote from the UN chairman of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Rajendra Pachauri:
"There is "virtually no possibility" of a few scientists biasing the advice given to governments by the UN's top global warming body, its chair said today."
That sounds like a good story line until you realize that there are only a "few" scientists giving "advice" to the UN body. There are only about four to six at the top. Everyone else based their theories on the research done by these few at the top. 

Mr. Pachauri also said "western lifestyle is unsustainable," and you'll love this:
Hotel guests should have their electricity monitored; hefty aviation taxes should be introduced to deter people from flying; and iced water in restaurants should be curtailed, the world's leading climate scientist has told the Observer.
Pachauri, the Chairman of the IPCC, is calling for "sustainable consumption." I'd love to know a bit about his lifestyle - about the home he lives in, the car he drives. Here's some more:
Pachauri also proposed that governments use taxes on aviation to provide heavy subsidies for other forms of transport. "We should make sure there is a huge difference between the cost of flying and taking the train," he said. Despite the fact that there is often little benefit in time and convenience in short-haul flights, he said people were still making the "irrational" choice to fly. Taxation should be used to discourage them.
Pachauri caused controversy last year by advocating, in an interview with the Observer, because of the levels of carbon emissions associated with rearing livestock. He is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at the opening session of the Copenhagen summit.
He said that he also believed car use would have to be "curbed": "I think we can certainly use pricing to regulate the use of private vehicles." ...
Pachauri also denounced the practice in some restaurants of providing iced water to customers who had not ordered it. "It is just an enormous amount of waste that we don't even think about," he said.
If you take Pachauri's comments lightly, think again and get busy finding out the real mission behind his words. You'll find them in the U.N. Millennium Development Goal (MDG). Here are a few nuggets from this ambitious document that will lead to the take-over of the world:
...Poverty eradication is not an automatic consequence of economic growth; it requires purposeful action to redistribute wealth and land,...
1) Abolishing war through a worldwide freeze on militaries and achieving global disarmament:"
To initiate a worldwide freeze on armed forces ...the prohibition of the use of force,...must not be undermined
To explore the feasibility of a legally binding convention on overcoming poverty,...To carry out the objective of moving towards the abolition of war by practical means,...the United Nations Secretariat and interested Governments, or a separate group of Governments, should develop a draft proposal for global disarmament
2) Prohibiting advanced weapons technology
...devise ways of stopping the technological development of new and more advanced weapons that create new imbalances in global power relationships.
3) Monitoring small arms 4) Controlling the world's immigration to allow for:
...the global principle of freedom of circulation for all
5) Controlling the world's finances:
...To move towards democratic political control of the global economy so that it may serve our vision. ...Sustainable funds could be raised through a currency transfer tax...and a tax on the rental value of land and natural resources.
6) Controlling the world:
Globalization needs defining [and then they define it]....it is transforming our world into a global village...
7) Prohibiting "sanctions" against rogue countries:
...Stop imposing economic sanctions...
8) Controlling conservation through a global tax:
...establish a global habitat conservation fund to purchase comprehensive protection of threatened, critical ecological habitat worldwide. The fund should accrue revenues from a nominal (0.5 -1.0 per cent) royalty on worldwide fossil energy production oil, natural gas, coal, collecting at least $5 billion to $10 billion annually.
A not-to-be missed portion of the U.N. Millennium Development Goal is the oft-used word "transnationalism," which buys right into Rajendra Pachauri's desire to control your life.
In short, the U.N. defines transnationalism as a type of globalization that is, this minute, turning the world into a "global village." That "global village" will give back control of "peace, equity, social justice, democracy and human rights," to the people. The U.N.'s vision of globalization is one that makes all industry, throughout the world "work for the benefit of everyone to eradicate poverty and hunger globally..." The U.N. MDG says this:
This can happen only if global corporations, international financial and trade institutions and Governments are subject to effective democratic control by the people..."
About transnationalism, Frank Gaffney, writing for the Washington Times, Looming specter of transnationalism says:
Its application is an affront to due process and the rule of law in this country. It would criminalize internal U.S. policymaking deliberations, with profound implications for U.S. sovereignty. If allowed to run its course, this prosecution would have a profoundly chilling effect on the willingness of subordinates to provide a president with advice or perhaps even to serve in government.
If the discussion of the U.N. Millennium Development Goal seems off topic. I wish it was, but in truth this the what the U.N. is striving for, and the IPCC is a part of that goal.

 I need a minute to rant here about those trying to defend Phil Jones and his friends at the top by pointing out that the ClimateGate emails were obtained illegally. No, the U.N. is the United Nations, and the U.S. pours the funds into this disgusting organization. All the work has been done through grants - whether I or you, liked it or not, they have received U.S. taxpayer monies. Forgetting that the emails were likely obtained by an insider-whistleblower, there is nothing criminal about obtaining information that CRU would not release because it knew it was straight up fraud.

So, I wish Senator Inhofe well with his investigation. It needs to be done, but I doubt that we will hear the Democrat congress admonish the U.N.'s IPCC - or step away from Copenhagen permanently. Every Democrat is already bought and sold, as well as a few Republicans.

Jim Inhofe ClimateGate Investigation (video)

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