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Paul Dennis ClimateGate EMail Leaker? Were the Emails really hacked?

Police are questioning Paul Dennis, a University of East Anglia (UEA) scientist about the leaked emails that started the ClimateGate we always knew existed, but could not prove. Odd thing, Dennis is being interviewed by police detectives in the UK, but the men who perpetrated actual crimes and wrote about it in emails will never be prosecuted due to a 6-month statute of limitations. Duplicitous like everything and everybody involved in global warming.

Paul Dennis

Dennis is a climate researcher. He worked in a laboratory at UEA adjacent to Dr. Phil Jones, who headed the Climate Research Unit, and sent and received emails that show a pattern of deceit and fraud. Jones also received millions of dollars in grants for his fraudulent work over the years.
One piece of information that led police to question Dennis was the discovery of emails between him and Stephen McIntyre, who runs a sceptic blog in Toronto called Climate Audit. Climate Audit was the first to receive an anonymous link to the leaked data. Dennis subsequently emailed McIntyre to alert him to a Norwich University message confirming that a leak had occurred.

The scientist also had contact with Patrick Condon, an aeronautical engineer in Morris, Illinois, who runs a similar maths-oriented sceptic blog called Air Vent, and criticises "leftists" who promote global warming theories.

A third blogger with whom Dennis has posted is Anthony Watts, a weatherman for a California radio station who is involved in a sometimes vituperative sceptic blog called Watts Up with That. He has had a book published by the Heartland Institute, a denialist organisation which until 2006, received funding from ExxonMobil.
All three American bloggers, McIntyre, Condon and Watts, were initially sent links to the cache of CRU leaked material, via anonymous servers, on the same day, Tuesday 17 November.

McIntyre then received a message from Dennis in Norwich. According to files obtained by police, he wrote: "Hi Steve, Yesterday we received the following email, sent to all staff in environmental sciences and the climatic research unit. I have no idea what stuff was collected or where it was posted, but interesting nonetheless!"
Thousands of emails from UEA were hacked. Or were they? The Guardian asks if the emails were really hacked "or just sitting in cyberspace?
 The known facts are these. Over the weekend starting Friday 13 November, someone copied files from a backup server at the UEA's Climate Research Unit (CRU) in Norwich. They were then posted anonymously on the internet and various bloggers were alerted.
There were 4,660 files in various folders: 3,587 were documents, raw data and code. Some that list tree-ring data are dated back to to 1991. Another 1,073 were emails, dating from 1996 to 12 November last year.

UAE has confirmed that all of this material was simply sitting in an archive on a single backup CRU server, available to be copied.
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Paul Dennis ClimateGate EMail Leaker? Were the Emails really hacked?

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