Friday, January 15, 2010

Nidal Hassans Commanding Officers Failed: Hasan Security Clearance Not Investigated: Terrorism not Considered in Report

Separate investigations of the fourteen Fort Hood murders by Muslim officer, Major Nidal Hasan, found a lack of "communication" among commanding officers, concerning "disaffected individuals," and the killer's top-level security clearance not properly investigated. Had it been investigated, Hasan's clearance would have been revoked. The November 5, 2009 murders were the deadliest in the history of a U.S. military base - nevertheless, the reports did not consider whether or not the attack was "terrorism!"

This Breitbart report says that Hasan "showed no signs of being violent or a threat," but the military knew he was corresponding with a radical iman in Yemen. If that is not a threat, what is? So Hasan did not warn anyone that sooner or later he would commit jihad. They ignored the radical iman - all in an effort to show no prejudice toward Islam. Fourteen died so that the Army would not offend Muslims.

The reports show that mid-level officers "overlooked or failed" to be concerned with "lax work habits, and his fixation on religion. They found that he was lazy, unkempt, late to duty, obsessed with religion and failed military fitness requirements. But Hasan was promoted to the rank of Major anyway. Would any non-Islamic, disheveled and lazy soldier, who refused to show up for exams, be promoted to Captain or Major? The answer is "no."

According to two officials familiar with the case, as many as eight Army officers could face discipline for failing to do anything when Hasan displayed erratic behavior early in his military career. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because that information has not been publicly released. 
What if these "mid-level" officers directly over Hasan tried to bring attention to his bizarre behavior, and were reminded that Islam is the Religion of Peace. That is a likely scenario.
Read the words of Major Scott Moran in his report sent to the Credentials Committee at several military hospitals here. Hasan was promoted to Major anyway, and then scooted off to Fort Hood.

The Army tried to psych Hasan, and actually sent him to a university lecture series on Islam, the Middle East and terrorism - to try to tamp down his"growing preoccupation with religion and war." He made it known to his Walter Reed staff that he wanted to teach them about Islam. Instead, they sent him to Islam 101.

The best way to protect our soldiers is to teach them about the Koran - about all of the Koran, without deselecting the jihadist and "kill all the Jews" message. It won't take them long to recognize the motives of others like Nidal Hasan.

What red-blooded Army soldier would not be outraged serving side-by-side with Hasan? I simply cannot believe those in direct supervision of the man didn't make their concerns known.

I think the coming investigations will not go nearly high-enough up the ladder of command. Some mid-level officers will fall on their swords and their honor for their commanding officers, who perpetrated an enviroment of Muslim-appeasing military policy.

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