Thursday, March 18, 2010

Joslyn James Tiger Woods: Joselyn James Releases Sextings Choking and Worse

Of all the Tiger Wood's women, Joselyn James aka Veronica Siwik-Daniels, is the most repugnant, and her involvement in his life goes to more than just his sex-addicted personality. Reports alleged porn-star,  James has released explicit sexting messages from Tiger. One text message supposedly says Tiger asks for a threesome and wants it rough, and mentions 'choking.' 3-19-10:  3-22-10 The Latest Update with video below.

Joselyn James (Veronica Siwik-Daniels)

If true, they rip away what remains of Woods good guy facade and reveal a control freak who fantasized about having violent sex with submissive women....From there, the text messages go from bad to a whole lot wors with Woods texting his desire to "choke" James.

In February, James said Tiger impregnated her twice. She miscarried once and aborted once. She has been on Washington State's Division of Child Support's Most Wanted List for failure to pay child support. 

Woods can't stop his irresponsible behavior. He is splashing his raunchy-self all over the coming Masters tournament, where he will be the story. What a shame he doesn't have to make the cut.

Update 3-19-10:

Update 3-22-10:
Video - Tiger Talks about Therapy and Golf

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