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Tiger Woods Jamie Jungers? Tiger Woods Mindy Lawton? Tiger Woods Cori Rist?

Since I have a life after Tiger Woods' accident and subsequent fall from grace, I'm just now getting to Tiger Woods and Jamie Jungers...and Tiger Woods and Mindy Lawton...and Tiger Woods and Cori Rist. My prediction: Tiger will be declared a sex-addict, made a victim, he will enter rehab, get treatment - reluctantly, and his career will resume and he will be seen as a victim of his addiction. That's off-topic, so here's what I know at this time. Updates as available. Update 12-11-09 - a madam, Michelle Braun, claims she paid Jamie Jungers to be a companion? a date? for Tiger Woods. See below. See link to new Holly Sampson video 12-13-09 below. Update 12-13-09 Florida Department of Child and Families visits the Woods? below. Another 12-13-09 update below - see link to Jamie Jungers and Tiger's father.

Jamie Jungers

 Jamie Jungers is said to be Tiger's fourth mistress, and the second woman to come out and corroborate the story personally. If that is true, she had an 18-month affair with Woods. When the women in Tiger's life began crawling out of the woodwork, she supposedly got right down to business, hired an attorney and sold her story to The Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror says she met Tiger in a Las Vegas night club when she was 26 years old. Tiger and Elin had been married 9 months at the time. and had "frequent" rendevouz there. Chicago and California were in the itinerary also.
The revelation comes as sources in Vegas, where Woods lived a parallel life of sex and sleaze in complete contrast to his Mr Clean public image, said the golfer was a sex addict who relentlessly pursued women.
According to the interview, Jungers ex-fiancĂ©, Derek Schmidt said that Jamie Jungers and Tiger Woods had sex for the first time at the MGM Grand Mansion hotel in Las Vegas. Schmidt, a huge Tiger Woods fan, said that he and Jamie Jungers were still together at the time, but he didn’t find out about it until 2007 after they split up.
Derek said: “She told me she got called over by a ­bouncer who said someone ­important wanted to meet her in the VIP room.

“She said she did not know it was Tiger Woods until she was brought to his table. He ­immediately started ­hitting on her and telling her she was ­beautiful. She told me he asked for her number and gave her his. 

"I was surprised because I knew he was married and I didn’t think he was that type of guy. But I trusted Jamie. We had been engaged for over a year then – having first started dating in 2002 – and were head over heels in love.
Other reports say that Jungers was "a Las Vegas area model for a website called TrashGirls.com.

Mindy Lawton?

Mindy Lawton? Can this be true? Lawton, 34, is a waitress and alleges to have met Tiger and Elin Woods in 2006 as they had breakfast at the diner where she works. Other reports say that Mindy Lawton was the manager of a "Perkins restaurant near Woods' Florida Home. Good grief. Elin can't take this man anywhere! This from Lawton:
Lawton said she knew Tiger Woods was dating other women. "Tiger just used me as his sex toy. I thought I meant something to him, but all he cared about was lust. He is a selfish, heartless man," she told the News of the World.
Lawton said during the year-long affair she and Tiger "romped in a church parking lot and in the driveway of his Florida mansion when Elin Woods was pregnant and away from home.
I love this one: Lawton said Tiger liked her "red panties with black lace." His mother's favorite color was red. This quot from Anorak:
Which is why Mindy Lawton is in a red dress -- to remind Tiger Woods of this mother...
 Read some real skank comments attributed to Lawton.

Cori Rist

 This report says Cori Rist is mistress No. 6. She is 31 years old and is "a traveling companion." They met at 'Butter', one of the "better Manhattan clubs. Rist has apparently made no statements about Tiger.

Then Tiger began to fly her to meet him while on tour, Tiger would get a suite and one of his staffers would book Cori Rist an adjoining room, The NY Daily News reported.

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