Monday, April 26, 2010

Nationally 60% Favor Verifying Immigration Status

Message to Obama and Napolitano, you are definitely a minority.  Nationally, 60% of Americans are in favor of stopping and verifying "immigration status."

Immigration Status

Voter support for empowering local police comes at a time when most voters (56%) believe it is unlikely Congress will take action to gain control of the border. Only 31% say Congress is even somewhat likely to take such an action. That figure includes just 10% who believe Congress is Very Likely to act.
In fact, we have zero hope that you will take control of the border, and don't even think about controlling it by biometric registration of illegal aliens, as Secretary Napolitano suggested today. We want border incursions to stop. We want you to let the Border Guards do their jobs.

While you gritch about civil rights for illegal aliens, legal residents despise having our own civil rights violated to protect the civil rights of illegal aliens.  Can't you get that? Every time you tsk, tsk about violating the civil rights of illegals, we will resist even more. Start by protecting the civil rights of your citizens. You swore an oath to do so.

Photoshop by ChicagoRay

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