Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brit Ordered to Undergo Cancer Surgery: Patient will be Sedated in Home

A British judge has ruled a 55-year-old woman does not have the right to decide for or against cancer surgery. She will have the surgery, and will be sedated in her own home if necessary, to get her to the hospital for the procedure.

The woman has advanced uterine cancer according a "women's hospital" which applied for the right to tend to the woman in the way they deem best.

The woman previously decided to have the surgery, then changed her mind. The article claims she has learning disabilities. Just my opinion here, but a person with learning disabilities has the right to determine the care of her health. If family cannot change her mind, if she does not have family, if she does not have a guardian - she should have the right to decide, even if her decision is the wrong one - and how can anyone else know what is right and what is wrong for another human?

This is a living example of Big Brother deciding your fate for you. Free will, assuming your will is not harming another living being, is no longer a right across the pond, and we are heading for the same consequences with Obama healthcare, although it is likely you will lose your right to surgery, rather than being forced to have it.  Read the appalling story here.

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