Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Protects Right to Search Ships Bound for Gaza: IDF Video

A few days ago, President Obama said the War on Terror is over, and we learned that Syria has 1,000 ballistic missiles pointed at Israel, courtesy of Iran. In the same time span, Hizballah received 1,000 rockets, courtesy of Iran. Israel is the only country that will receive these rockets - intended for launch into Israel. Also a few days ago, Israel was notified that a "six boat flotilla" of ships carrying "aid" to Gaza would pass through their blockade. Israel considered the "flotilla" "an act of provocation," and notified Turkey the "flotilla" would be searched at their port at Ashdod. In the past, numerous ships carrying supposed aid to Gaza have been stopped and found to be carrying weapons. Apparently the "flotilla" had no plans to be search. See a revealing video below - and remember, Israel had the right to board the ship, even though the ship was in international waters.

Flag of Israel

Israeli commandos boarded one of the ships and there were deaths on both sides. There is a blockade in place. This incident was not about humanitarian aid, but was about putting Israel in a terrible place in the eyes of the world. How many journalists were aboard that Turkish cruise ship?

The Israeli Navy contacted the ships and warned them they would not allowed to break the blockade, as provided by the Oslo Accords:
International law allows for countries to ask suspicious boats to identify themselves. The vessels' passengers did not cooperate and called the move "scare tactics" on their streamed broadcasts.
The request was refused. Here's what happened next:
The IDF searched the boats for arms immediately after the takeover. The soldiers were forced to use tear gas after they were attacked with knives, daggers and cudgels, putting their lives in danger. Unofficial reports that ten persons have been killed and another ten wounded were admitted to Rambam Hospital in Haifa were changed by the Arab television station Al Jazeera, to two killed and four wounded. An Al Jazeera reporter on one of the boats reported hearing gunshots. 
Israel was set-up for a peaceful search. There was no way for Israel to discern the truth without boarding the ship.
 The preparations included a compound at the Ashdod port consisting of air conditioned tents equipped with computerized stations, metal detectors, and seating for the activists manning the ships. The IDF is preparing for the arrival of some 800 peace activists. The IDF said that they were ready to carry out the government's decision to prevent the ships from reaching the Gaza shore.
The IDF said Thursday that much thought was put into the preparations for the convoy's arrival. The plans include trained navy forces boarding the ships, with the aid of dogs, to search for weapons and explosives as well as wanted terrorists. The IDF said that they did not know whether the ships carried these items or people, but that they were preparing for any possible scenario to prevent potential catastrophes.  
Nine activists agitators terrorists are reported dead. Seven IDF are injured, two gravely.  An Israeli IDF who boarded the ship said the activists tried to take hostages - Israeli hostages are the dream of Palestinians. In the video below, you will see an Israeli Navy Seal thrown overboard. This ship knew the search would be peaceful. The terrorists aboard laid-in-wait and attacked before the Israeli's feet hit the deck. Israel had the right to search!
He [Netanyahu] says hundreds of people on board that ship beat, clubbed and stabbed soldiers, and there was a report of gunfire. He says that forced soldiers to attack.
With the defection of the U.S., the world's governments have finally fallen into the footsteps of the Islamic-dominated U.N. The U.N. is meeting to discuss the horror of Israel's deeds. The world is now positioned against Israel. The War on Terror continues. The video below shows the violence against the IDF, and this IDF video is even better.

IDF Boarding Turkish Ship (video)

God bless Israel

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